Where to buy men's ecological clothing in Barcelona - essential stores

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If you are passionate about fashion and are aware of new trends, you will already know all the benefits that accompany the use of ecological clothing. In large cities, recent years have been decisive in seeing a large number of businesses flourish, founded with the intention of bringing the best quality ecological clothing closer to the large consumer. It is a socially and economically fair fashion which is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the health of the buyer.

However, while it is easy to find products and fashion eco friendly For women of all kinds, as well as footwear or even jewelry, men have a bit more difficult to find ecological and sustainable fashion stores that have products and garments for them. If you are a man, you like to dress well and want to show off looks unique that are as elegant as respectful, read on. From Ecologist Verde we discover you where to buy ecological men's clothing in Barcelona. Take note!


In the emblematic neighborhood of Gràcia you will find VELVET BCN, a space that offers both men and women ecological clothing and cosmetics and quality. In this store you will find sweaters, jackets, hats, shirts, pants, footwear and many more products made with completely organic fabrics.

If you prefer to buy from the comfort of your home, VELVET BCN has an online store where you will also find a category with the best clothes for each season and another dedicated to the clothes that are on sale at all times.

Sustainable dressing humus - Gòtic

A land rich in humus is a healthy land full of life, just like the clothes you will find in this store located in the heart of Barcelona. The ecological fabrics with which the Humus garments are made they respect the earth and its cycles and thus avoid the use of chemical substances that are harmful to the environment and to your health.

In this space you can look calmly, ask questions, try on the clothes you want and ask for advice. And the best of all? Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find ideal pieces for your style.

Thinking MU - Sagrada Família

Thinking MU is one of the best organic clothing brands existing today. The garments that you will find in Thinking MU are inspired by nature and the diversity of cultures and are made, how could it be otherwise, with sustainable 100% organic cotton fabrics.

If you are a man, in its extensive catalog you will find t-shirts and shirts, polos, pants, jackets, sweaters, pajamas, underwear, backpacks, scarves and many more products from a wide variety of brands. If you live in Barcelona, you will like to know that you can also find Thinking MU clothing pieces in such popular and modern stores as BE, 248, M69 MUNTANER and OMG BCN.

Sunsais - Gràcia

There are many lovers of sustainable fashion who defend that Sunsais is the best organic clothing store in Barcelona. Located on Calle Ramón y Cajal, this project is based on the slow concept and offers, both women, men and children, a wide variety of ecological garments.

Whether you want to stop by their physical store or if you prefer to buy online, at Sunsais you will find clothes, accessories, lingerie, cosmetics, shoes and ecological fabrics for all tastes. In addition, in its online store you will find an outlet section designed so that you do not miss the best offers of each season and another space designed so that you can give sustainability to lovers of ecological fashion.

Ecoology - Gràcia

We can't stop mentioning Ecoology, another great option to buy ecological clothing for both women and men that is modern and respectful at the same time. If you shop at Ecoology, you will find a lot of unique, elegant and creative designs that have been handcrafted in his workshop in Barcelona.

If you are a man and you want to start familiarizing yourself with ecological fashion to discover all its benefits, Ecoology is a very good option, since in its store you will find simple but high-quality t-shirts made with organic cotton and bamboo.

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