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Who said that eating well is at odds with eating delicious dishes? We are living in a time when more and more businesses are committed to promoting a healthy nutrition and offer consumers fresh and seasonal products that come to the big cities directly from the countryside. They are chemical-free and of the best quality products that attract buyers and invite them to discover the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.

Are you wondering where to buy organic products in Barcelona? At Ecologist Verde, we have compiled a list of some of the the best organic shops in Barcelona to show you that eating well does not mean sacrificing the best taste or spending large amounts of money. And if you consider yourself a lover of fresh, organic and / or vegan products, you are going to love this selection!

Granoleta - La Sagrera


Granola it is a return to a more logical and sustainable purchase. Located in the La Sagrera neighborhood, it is a store of organic products in bulk. In this fantastic establishment you will find organic, natural and local products.

In addition to the excellent quality of their food products, they have a wide line of products without plastic and zero waste for home and body care. You can go with your own packaging and they give you a 5% discount for each product you buy without using bags or plastics.

All their products are of excellent quality, with real flavors and are properly labeled to know their properties, traceability and to know if it is ecological and proximity.
Come to know the store for a more ecological and sustainable purchase.

I Love Food - Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

I Love Food is, for many consumers, one of the best organic shops in Barcelona. It is an authentic corner with an ecological certificate from the CCPAE and the EU, full of healthy products and foods such as fruits and vegetables direct from the field and at the best price.

The idea for this store, located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, was born when two entrepreneurs decided to bring traditional organic products to urban consumers. In I Love Food you will find local, fresh and seasonal products grown or produced without chemicals and that arrive directly from the orchard to direct prices, without intermediaries. If you are passionate about healthy food, we tell you that I Love Food serves boxes of fresh and organic fruit to companies, offices, schools and hotels in Barcelona and makes home deliveries throughout Spain. So, you no longer have an excuse! Now you can enjoy the best products anywhere and at any time.

Artesa House - Eixample

Casa Artesa is a generous and welcoming family business that offers its consumers more than 200 products organic, in bulk, and direct from the field. With the aim of promoting sustainable food and recovering the food values and artisan quality of yesteryear, the owners of Casa Artesa decided to open a store in the Eixample neighborhood to share their passion for good products with their customers.

Casa Artesa is committed to bringing buyers products that are not usually easily found in large cities, which is why in this place you will find artisanal wines and beers, organic cookies, assorted dehydrated fruits and many other top quality foods. In addition, at Casa Artesa they think about consumers of all kinds, so if you are diabetic, vegan or intolerant to some food, you will find products that adjust to your tastes and needs.


We find the origin of Veritas supermarkets in 2002, when under the values "health, taste, proximity, diversity and people" the first store of one of the largest healthy food brands in the country was opened. Its objective? That all people, no matter where they live, have within reach the best organic, fresh and quality products.

This organic supermarket in Barcelona has become a benchmark brand due to its insistence on maintaining the original flavor of the products and their commitment to the environment. In Veritas they offer varied foods, at a good price and always with organic certification that you can buy both in the different supermarkets throughout Spain and in the online store. And if you want to become a chef of healthy food, on the company's website you will find all kinds of food advice and a lot of recipes so that you are never short of ideas.

Thelivingfood - Esquerra Eixample

Another of the best ecological shops in Barcelona is located on Viladomat street. Your name? Thelivingfood, a food space totally vegan organic which has a wide variety of fresh products that are free of genetically modified organisms. If Thelivingfood is one of the most recommended places for organic food in Barcelona, it is because, in addition to the high quality of their products, they are committed to a local production that avoid mistreatment and animal cruelty.

In this store in the Eixample neighborhood, you will find everything: products both national and exported from abroad, a large selection of Gluten Freen food, proteins and vegetable drinks and even organic cosmetics for the care of your body and high quality organic supplements and supplements.

OBBIO Supermercat Ecològic - Esquerra Eixample

OBBIO is the result of the friendship between two women who one day had the idea of creating a healthy eating project in a comfortable and pleasant space where people would enjoy shopping. Now, they define the project as "a healthy eating paradise"and they are right, because OBBIO is not only one of the largest organic supermarkets in Barcelona, but it is also one of the places with more variety of 100% ecological products of the whole city.

Do you want to know everything you are going to find in this place? Well take note:

  • Seasonal, fresh and local products.
  • A cafeteria and a restaurant where you can enjoy your favorite dishes and juices at the moment.
  • A bookstore specialized in books related to food.
  • A wide selection of nutritional supplements.
  • A wide range of gluten-free products.
  • Natural cosmetics.
  • Courses and workshops for lovers of healthy eating.
  • An advisory position for you to consult any questions with one of the center's nutritionists.

Bio space

The history of Bio Space dates back to the end of the 30s, when it was nothing more than a small business in the Barcelona expansion area. Currently, Bio Space is a benchmark in the national organic sector and they are leaders in fresh products that you can get both in the physical store and in the online store.

If you go to this organic supermarket in Barcelona, you will see that the experience is a complete bio-adventure, since it is not only a large supermarket, but also has a training room and a space for natural dietetics and cosmetics with specialized professionals who can advise you at any time. In Bio Space, they bet on the local producer that cares for its crops and animals organically according to the principles of ecology and offers the consumer the best seasonal products, as well as personalized attention for people with different food sensitivities: vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, raw food eaters, etc. If you have any questions or are thinking of changing your relationship with food, do not miss their courses or workshops.

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