The best solar panel installation companies in Madrid

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If you want to join renewable energy, you will be interested in installing solar panels in your home or business, as it is one of the best ways to use clean energy and gain energy efficiency. You are looking for solar panels in Madrid and energy advice? Do you want to know companies in which you can find both the plates themselves and a comprehensive service, with an energy study, the installation of solar panels and their maintenance with guarantees?

It is normal that you have doubts when choosing a professional or a company in the Madrid area, since there are many, but for this reason, at Ecologista Verde, we have prepared this list of the best solar panel installation companies in Madrid and surroundings. Do not hesitate to consult them!

Viesgo Solar - Madrid

To start with this list of the best solar panel installation companies in Madrid, in Green Ecologist, we advise you to consult with the company Viesgo Solar. We consider it a good option if you want energy advice or a specialized study and a kit of solar panels in Madrid.

The reason? It is an energy company that generates, distributes and markets electricity and gas in Spain and Portugal and started from the Electra de Viesgo company in 1906. Therefore, they have extensive experience and currently have more than 1,000 specialized professionals. They offer their products and services for companies and businesses as well as for individuals. Between the Viesgo Solar's main products and services you will find: solar panels or panels, energy at cost price and optimization of consumption, among more services and products.

Prosolar - Pacific

Another of the most recommended options among the best solar panel installation companies in Madrid you can find ProSolar. We recommend this other company because it is a company that offers tailored energy solutions from renewable energies. He already has more than 10 years of experience in the field of renewable energy. In the case of this company, they also offer their services both to individuals and to businesses and other companies.

Between the ProSolar products and services in Madrid You will find accessories for Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaic Solar Energy, such as solar panels, and the installation and maintenance service, but also others such as the study of energy efficiency, biomass, underfloor heating and geothermal.

Termicalia - Oleanders

To continue with this list of solar panel companies in Madrid we will talk about Termicalia. If you are looking for a company that offers these products with guarantees and related services in the area of the Community of Madrid, without a doubt you have to consider this company and talk to them to solve your doubts or request a quote.

Termicalia has more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector. It is mainly engaged in installation and maintenance of solar panels for Solar Thermal Energy. A great advantage of this company is that they offer a free first visit, to carry out a study of the real energy needs and the state of the current installation. Its services are aimed both at neighborhood communities and individuals, as well as companies and businesses.

AutoConsun - Ibiza

Another option that we recommend if you are looking for solar panels in Madrid is the AutoConsun company. Is a company very committed to the environment and they offer services related to solar energy, since in fact Spain is one of the sunniest areas in Europe and it seems the most logical and simple option.

Therefore, in AutoConsun They offer products and services such as energy advice, free estimate and without obligation, solar panels for Thermal Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Solar Energy, solar collector for swimming pools and more options related to renewable energies, as well as the installation and maintenance of the products. In addition, they allow full financing.

EcoSOLAR - Salvador

To finish this list of the best solar panel installation companies in Madrid, from Ecologist Verde we also recommend that you contact and ask for information and a budget to EcoSOLAR. In this company they consider that the best way to save energy in electricity is, without a doubt, to use photovoltaic solar panels, which allows the self-consumption of this energy. It is a company that distributes material for renewable energy installations and that is in the city of Madrid, but it serves services both in the city itself and in its surroundings.

At EcoSOLAR they offer products and services such as the following: solar panels for ventilation and dehumidification, solar panels with Photovoltaic Solar Energy for ACS (sanitary hot water), swimming pool heating and support for heating, solar collectors, wind turbines, biomass, the study and advice of energy efficiency in each case and installation and maintenance service.

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