Where to buy organic meat in Barcelona - the best butchers

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More and more people, motivated by new consumption and eating habits, want to continue eating meat but without giving up well-being of the environment and respect for animals. Do you want to know all the benefits that the consumption of organic meat?

On the one hand, when we talk about the well-being of the environment, we mean that ecological products are obtained through sustainable practices, which does not harm our planet. In addition, thanks to these practices, organic meat has a better flavor and is much more beneficial for your health, since it has vitamins that you will not find in industrial meat. Another good reason to start consuming organic meat is animal welfare, since it is meat from animals raised in the middle of nature, in places free of harmful substances. Finally, consuming organic meat is a great way to defend and support local farms and small family businesses that care about bringing the best quality products to the large consumer.

In Green Ecologist we discover you where to buy organic meat in Barcelona so that you too can enjoy all the benefits of the best products.


Veritas is one of the best-known eco supermarket chains in our country, since it has been offering the best organic food to its customers since 2002.

Whether you want to visit your nearest store or if you prefer to buy from the comfort of your home, at Veritas you will find a wide catalog of fresh, quality and 100% organic meats: steak, churrasco, entrecote, tenderloin, etc. Add the products you want to your basket and enjoy a more natural flavor.

Casaponsa Butcher Shop - Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

In the emblematic Santa Caterina Market you will find one of the best butchers in Barcelona: the Casaponsa Butchery. If you approach this space, you will find professionals specialized in organic beef, beef, lamb and kid who have been advising and helping their clients since 1999.

Casaponsa is a traditional butcher shop where they offer the best quality products to their customers. If you are concerned about responsible consumption and want to support fair and local trade, this butcher shop is ideal for you.

Cal Colom - Poble-Sec

Cal colom is another of the most highly rated butchers from the Catalan capital, since it offers products of animal origin of the best quality that have passed high-level sanitary controls. It is a family business that has two physical stores and an online catalog so you can place your order without going out on the street.

In Cal Colom you will find organic and select meats of veal, chicken, kid and suckling lamb and you can pick up your order whenever you want or have it delivered to your home.

OBBIO Supermercat Ecològic - Esquerra Eixample

OBBIO Supermercat Ecològic is a healthy eating paradise that cares about organic products and works to make people see that healthy eating is a worthwhile commitment.

This space, in addition to being a supermarket of organic products, has nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics, books related to food and much more. Within the wide catalog of products that are in OBBIO are listed organic meat and fish and fresh.

Bio space

This shop of ecological, organic and biological products High-quality meat is another great option for organic meat.

Bio spaceIn addition to a large multi-space located on Calle València, it has an online store so you can buy at any time and from anywhere. In its catalog you will find organic and tasty meat of high quality al best market price: poultry, pork, lamb, kid, rabbit, chickens and veal.

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