The best organic restaurants in Spain

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The restaurants named "ecological"They have become fashionable in recent years and are increasingly in demand in society, since they propose a place to eat with all the advantages of traditional restaurants, but following ecological principles, in terms of used materials, raw materials and daily practices, which leads to a much healthier diet.

These restaurants offer menus made from organic products, which have been grown in a respectful way with the environment and free of fertilizers and pesticides. This greatly attracts all those people who want to eat natural products of good quality and care about your health, as well as those others who are committed to the environment.

The Organic's: 100% organic

According to the regional press, this was the first entirely organic restaurant to open up on Spanish territory. He did it with a renewed philosophy, saying that they are not a simple vegetarian restaurant (in fact, they serve meat) but that their audience was those who wanted to eat in a totally natural way. All the dishes on its extensive menu are certified 100% organic. They offer "Eco-breakfasts", as they call them, brunches, many options of Pyrenean beef burgers, tapas and salads made to order. The prices are not high (a complete hamburger with potatoes can cost 12 euros and the main courses 8.50 euros), but the taste is far superior.

Location: Pza. Urquinaona, 14, Barcelona.

No, no, no, fame at the media level

This restaurant has been given a lot of publicity, so it is very possible that you have already heard of it. Its cuisine is based on biodynamic organic food, a new concept that is presumed even more respectful of the environment than the environmentalism. All the products on its menu are organic, but we can also eat things that we would not find in other places, so it will be a pleasure to discover new culinary horizons. It offers both vegetables (grown in an organic garden) and Pyrenean meats, highlighting the veal and lamb. More than 30 different varieties of tomatoes are grown in his garden, some of which have so far disappeared.

It is a gourmet restaurant-bistro, where we will find dishes and recipes that we have probably never tried before. The price is a bit higher, also due to the area in which it is located. A dinner can cost us around 25 years, drinks excluded.

Where: Ptge Lluis Pellicer, 12, Barcelona

Woki: party, music and natural juices

One of the favorites by the public barcelonian, for all that it offers in such a small space. Not only is it located in the center of the city, but it also invites us to try products from first quality, varied dishes and for all budgets, including both meat and vegetables, dinners and parties on Thursdays with tapas and live music from the hand of a DJ. The atmosphere is cozy, warm and festive and among its offer you can find tapas, pizzas, organic livestock meats and above all, the Woks, hence its name. You can choose the ingredients that will be part of your wok, as well as the sauces and, if you prefer, you can add meats from the Catalan Pyrenees. For a more elegant dinner, the menu offers juicy sirloins or entrecots with a most natural flavor.

One of the best things they offer is a great variety of healthy and delicious natural juices without sugar that will leave you wanting to try them all.

Location: Ronda Universitat, 20, Barcelona.

El Raco Ecológico: the natural Mediterranean diet on your plate

This restaurant is ecological and macrobiotic and also offers a also vegetarian menu. It is prepared for all people who, for health or other reasons, must eat a specific menu, such as celiacs. Is a quiet place, very familiar that praises products such as legumes, cereals and vegetables in its dishes. Examples of starters are: piquillo peppers stuffed with hummus or mushroom pâté or fresh pasta with mushroom sauce. You can try recipes such as duck breast fillets with pumpkin and quince or cod jam with candied vegetables and hard-boiled eggs.

Location: Carrer del Bruc, 86, Barcelona.

In Barcelona, we will find many others restaurants of the style, as well as cafes and luxury bistros.

El Vergel, a renowned restaurant

In addition to his Supermarket On-site with organic products, El Vergel gives its name to an ecological and vegetarian restaurant in Madrid. It was the first 100% vegetarian gastronomic place and the only one, to date, that has an official ecological certification from Intereco in the Madrid Community. It is committed to agriculture certified organic, for a colorful healthy food, both vegetarian and with vegan options. You can enjoy a barbecue of vegetables and mushrooms (10.50 euros), a mango and avocado salad (10.40 €), quinoa and vegetable soup or seaweed and mushroom paella (11.20 euros), among many others plates.

Location: Paseo de la Florida, 53, Madrid.

La Bicicleta Café: for cyclists and lovers of good food

With the bicycle as an ecological symbol, hence its name, this restaurant located in one of the most iconic from Madrid He presents himself as a local to talk, read or meet passionate about the world of cycling; There are also initiatives such as workshops, exhibitions and, of course, in the restaurant they will leave you a space to comfortably store your bicycle. One of its strong points is that its dishes are of quality without exceeding prices, they have toasts, salads, sandwiches, nachos, and also a vegetarian menu. In addition, they make their own beer and all their products are ecological and natural.

Location: Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9. Madrid.

La Vaquería Suiza: to feel like in town

We like this restaurant for two reasons: because of its rural touch that makes us travel to rural areas in the heart of the city and because its menu, variable, adapts perfectly to the season of the year and local products, being 100% natural. The rural decoration is a luxury and the simple dishes, nothing too exotic, but everything with a great taste "of always" and of organic origin: the bread is completely handmade (It tastes like grandma's!), There are toasts, garlic soups, French fries… and, as if that weren't enough, at night they serve natural cocktails.

Location: Calle de Blanca de Navarra, 8, Madrid

Other cities

In general, there are many Spanish cities where this type of gastronomy has been triumphing for years and where there is a perceived desire to return to nature in terms of feeding it means. For example, in Valencia, Seville, Oviedo and a long etcetera there are great ecological restaurants. To cite some examples:

L'Obrador, the organic horchatería in Valencia

Few things are more typical of the Valencian Community than a delicious horchata Y cool. L'Obrador, on the second line of the beach, offers us a selection of artisanal and organic ice cream and horchatas in a spacious local with careful decoration and a large terrace. In addition, its price is not higher than that of others in the area, despite offering us this privilege for our health and for the environment.

Location: Av. Mare Nostrum, 7, Alboraia, Valencia

Búho Bío: an informal and friendly place to taste the quality of nature

Back in Valencia, we find the famous Búho Bío restaurant, with a casual and simple decoration, as well as fresh, where a firm commitment to Mediterranean cuisine stands out. They have hamburgers (organic meat, of course) and also an extensive menu for both vegans as vegetarians. You can try there couscous with vegetables, vegetable meatballs with sauce and a variety of desserts and it will not be unusual for you to find yourself arriving with a live music performance to liven up the evening.

Location: Carrer Murillo, 9, Valencia

Garibolo: a vegetarian gem

It's about a vegetarian restaurant located in Bilbao With options also for those who follow the vegan philosophy and, most interestingly, with totally natural and environmentally friendly products. In this restaurant with colorful decoration (both in the rooms and in its dishes) you can try a wide gastronomic offer, which includes creams, stews, scrambled eggs with seasonal vegetables and more than 42 homemade desserts to choose from.

Location: Calle Fernández del Campo, 7, Bilbao.

Yatiri: relaxation in Ibiza

East restaurant propose a meal based ecological dishes in a relaxing environment. It is designed to disconnect thanks to its location (away from the center) and its particular decoration, which is based on a collection of objects from the colombian jungle. In Yatiri the menu is innovative, so you will always find small modifications; In addition, they strictly follow organic viticulture.

Location: Calle Gregal, 9, Ibiza

EcoCenter Rate: a Three in One

Located in the pretty town from Rate (province of Cádiz) east ecological restaurant offers us in the same place a store of organic products and a center holistic. Most of its menu is vegetarian, although not all, and is based on local and seasonal products, as well as being wide, spacious and having a wood oven, which is why its pizzas are reputed to be anthologies.

Location: Calle San Sebastián 6, Tarifa (Cádiz).

These are just some of the most delicious and original organic restaurants that you can find in Spain, although fortunately the offer increases every month. What is your favorite organic restaurant and why?


some of these restaurants are vegetarian or vegan, but not all; in fact, if we think that organic restaurants have a very different menu than a traditional home restaurant, we are wrong. They can be of very different kinds and offering all kinds of food: creative, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean … the variety is wide and now we are going to see what real restaurants offer us.

Not only these restaurants and premises (There are also more and more bars, even pubs or nightclubs with this philosophy) they are ecological in the menu, also in the decoration materials, in the operation of the business, in the awareness work as a public platform, some use solar panels, do social and environmental works, etcetera. In short, they must comply with a series of green premises and help your restaurant not only harm the environment as little as possible, but also help protect it with your actions.

In Spain, where more and more people demand this type of behavior, quality ecological restaurants are opening, which carry out a very interesting philosophy. Although we cannot say which are the best because they all have their interesting point, we offer you some of them in case you want to try (or repeat) the great experience of delighting yourself with the best of organic cuisine.

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