Rice has arsenic in it - surprising!

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Every time you eat rice, you are also ingesting arsenic, a poisonous compound. This is stated, after an investigation, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States organization in charge of analyzing food to find out whether or not they are dangerous for people. Of the 1,300 samples of rice and derived products analyzed, they found that all had, to a greater or lesser extent, a a certain amount of arsenic. Although those levels were low.

Industry is looking for ways to reduce the amount of arsenic

The rice industry has also conducted its own studies on the arsenic level and it tries to find a solution to reduce the levels of arsenic in the products it markets. Among other solutions, different ways of managing the water in which rice is grown or changing the ways of some post-harvest processes, such as rinsing, are proposed.

The FDA suggests, until these are reduced levels from arsenic, balance the diet: do not eat rice in excess and incorporate other foods to help reduce risks. As with large fish, which contain high levels of mercuryIt is not necessary to stop eating them, but it is advisable not to abuse them.


Rice grains have an arsenic level between 2.6 and 7.2 micrograms. Brown rice was the type that contains the most arsenic. Products that contain ingredients made from rice also contain arsenic.

The FDA ensures that, in the short term, these amounts of arsenic cannot cause immediate adverse health effects. As for the long term, it is not yet known. The FDA wants to do an investigation on it. The truth is that it is impossible to get rice that does not contain some arsenic. This element, although poisonous, is of natural origin. Since rice is grown in water, it will always have higher arsenic levels than other foods.

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