Advantages of living in the country

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"Life in the country", a phrase that makes us feel good. Just by pronouncing it, listening to it, reading it or writing it fills us with a special joy, we feel an almost idyllic well-being that, however, does not always correspond to reality. Still, it cannot be denied that living surrounded by nature has its charm and a number of advantages.

Although the lifestyle is something very personal, which will normally be in accordance with the work activity, customs and other factors, the truth is that in the countryside people usually earn a living with activities related to agricultural or livestock work. Thus, the lifestyle will adapt to these tasks, the climate, the available resources or, for example, the use of sunlight. In this Green Ecologist article, we explain what are the advantages of living in the country.

Another rhythm, another lifestyle

Life is more peaceful, and hard work, but at the same time supplies cultivated food by oneself or from other food resources that can be obtained by exchange with neighbors. If, on the one hand, the scarcity of human contacts makes people folksy, friendly to the conversation and go without haste, on the other hand, this less social interaction can be somewhat monotonous and suffocating.

In social relationships there will be notable differences between a life in a rural environment, in isolated houses or hamlets, and a life in a village, although in both we will be close to nature, and in this sense we will have a quiet, relaxed life that will allow us have an intense contact with it, forget the noise of the cities, the sensation of chaos, pollution and the stress associated with urban life.

Live without rush is another of the advantages that life in the country brings us, at least when it comes to saying goodbye to the hectic atmosphere of the city, which does not stop even at night. In the countryside, the day passes more calmly, at its natural pace: sunrises and sunsets will take center stage, the sounds of nature, as well as the starry skies or the pleasure of breathing at the top of your lungs.

At bedtime there will also be peace, a silence that is not known in the city, so sleep is much more restful And, of course, if we have a dog, their quality of life will also improve, especially when it comes to walks.

Quality of life and health

And what about deprivation? It is true that we cannot enjoy an urban life, but we must also consider that currently new technologies make it possible to transfer a good part of the comfort, opportunities and urban lifestyle to the country environment, in which we also enjoy an environment healthy and natural.

The quality of life that nature gives us can be translated improvements in health. Clean air and green landscapes help relax and detox mentally and physically. In addition, there is no doubt that children will be able to benefit from a green environment, much more stimulating than the urban one.

In general, the field invites share family activities, from walks or walks to the care of a garden or orchard. In this way, physical activity is also easier to practice, not only because there is less traffic but because the open spaces, the natural landscapes motivate us to move more immediately, without having to take buses or go to a gym.

Growing our own garden is also a golden opportunity for control our diet and thus make sure it is healthier and more natural. If we don't, it will also be more accessible to find trusted farmers from whom to buy organic products.

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