The conifers most used to make hedges

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Coniferous plants are named for the cone shape that they have, although there are some within this group that do not have that shape. They offer many possibilities since they can be planted both in pots for terraces or balconies and on the garden floor itself, so you can use them for many things and both inside and outside your home.

Today we would like to focus on those used to make hedges, for which you have to choose the most appropriate ones since this way you can achieve better results. In addition, not all conifers are good for making hedges, and considering that we always want to make them for something in particular and in a place where they will have a function, it is important to choose the most appropriate ones. So keep reading this Green Ecology article if you want to know what they are the conifers most used to make hedges.

Leylandi cypress

Scientifically known as Cupressocyparis, it is the conifer that is most used to make hedges in gardens since it can reach a considerable height.

Once it develops it can reach grow one meter every year, as long as you receive the care you need and that the environmental conditions are appropriate. You can do all the pruning you want.


Of this you will find many varieties, and it is also widely used in gardens because its base is fantastic for it.

If you do not have much time to care for it, you should choose another, since needs a lot of attention and, in addition, it does not develop well in any type of soil.


It is also known as junipers and has many varieties, being in addition to very different sizes but with something in common: its green berries.

They do not need much care or that these are very special, and it can also be planted in practically any type of soil.

Tree of Life

Officially called Thuja, it also has many species of different shapes and colors but that are characterized by having their leaves, which are flattened, a different orientation.

If you want it to cover very large spaces, the best option is the Thuja Aplicata.

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