5 Gardening Machines That Make Basic Tasks Easy - Find Out!

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When the green space exceeds 20 square meters, we may need the help of more or less autonomous machinery to cut the grass or hedges, blow out the litter, clean surfaces and other maintenance tasks. What characteristics should it have and where to get it?

Although there are seasons more favorable than others, a garden is enjoyed all year round. Green spaces allow that necessary connection with nature and the best setting for leisure or recreation, but they also require adequate maintenance.

Gardening is therapeutic for some people and too heavy for others. In any case, the help of specific machinery will always be welcome. At Ecologista Verde we give you expert advice and show you 5 garden machines that make basic garden care tasks easier.

5 machines that help maintain the garden


What should we take into account when choosing a lawn mower? It is the most basic for a garden and the variety is very great. But in general, the first thing to consider is that the chassis is made of steel and has different cutting heights.

The width of cut and the capacity of the collector are also two important aspects. And, especially considering the comfort of the person who is going to operate this machine, the weight must be the bare minimum.

Regarding prices, the Anova brand offers models from just over 200 euros that meet these characteristics.

Hedge trimmer

These plants that are used to delimit spaces and provide privacy, are a blank canvas to prune with different heights and shapes. But, of course, they require the right tool to do it. In addition, it is important to remember that the maintenance of this type of plant when it is in neighboring party walls, is an obligation regulated by the Civil Code.

Some models have batteries, which allows greater comfort when handling them, although the price is lower for those with cable.

We must consider the current and future height of the hedges that we want to cut and assess the possibility of acquiring a telescopic hedge trimmer.

Pressure washer

The interesting thing about this machinery is that its use is not exclusive to the garden, since it can also be used to wash the car, renovate facades, etc.

Its operation is based on launching high pressure water to clean surfaces more easily. It is ideal for restoring the soil around green areas after mowing the lawn and for clean quickly and thoroughly tools and machines used in garden tasks.

Here, too, the variety is great, but for about 260 euros you can access an Anova brand pressure washer with a power of 2.5 kW / 220 V, which reaches a pressure of 100 to 130 bar.


This type of machine consists of a motor and a tube through which it expels pressurized air, and also has a handle to hold it. Its price in general is very affordable and it is used for cleaning and maintaining the garden, whether it is to sweep cut grass, fallen leaves or other dirt.

In general, the choice is between battery-powered or gasoline blowers, and hand-held or backpack blowers. The most important question is blower power and weight, since it is a machinery that is directly loaded by the person who operates it. For example, an Anova blower for gardens and medium green spaces, can have a minimum weight of 2 kilos.

The best models of blowers on the market today are very environmentally friendly, that is, with good efficiency and power, but reducing pollution.

Lawn mower

For large green areas, a riding mower is the best ally. Its use is recommended for spaces of more than 400 or 500 square meters and they can be of transmatic, hydrostatic or mechanical transmission. The former are usually the most comfortable and the latter the cheapest.

The type of transmission, the capacity of the motor, the width of cut, the number of blades and the capacity of the collector, are the most important points to assess during the purchase.

Other issues that do not depend on machinery

For a garden to look all its splendor, it requires specific care, many of which depend on information, habit and patience, rather than on machinery.

The first is the irrigation. In general, it is recommended to water first thing in the morning to avoid evaporation and use an adequate irrigation system, which will vary according to the size and type of plants we are talking about. Hanging planters should never be forgotten, as their need for water is greater than for plants on the ground.

In case you need an increase in water pressure, it is advisable to use a motor pump.

You also have to pay special attention to pests and weeds. Both for one and the other, summer is the most favorable time for its appearance, so it will be important to prevent it in the previous months.

Finally, the advice from a gardening professional It is essential to know the care, products and machines that we need to fully enjoy the garden throughout the year.

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