Decorate an ecological Christmas table

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A few days before the arrival of Christmas, you may be thinking about how your table will result in a cozy, elegant and in which everyone feels comfortable. But, this year, we want to do it at the same time that we are sustainable. These dates of celebrations and meetings are perfect to make our loved ones aware of the importance of caring for the environment and, in addition, try to minimize a bit the practice of waste that takes place so much during these dates.

What we propose is a challenge: get a beautiful -and original- Christmas table spending and polluting as little as possible. To do this, we share a series of ideas so that your Christmas table causes admiration among your family and friends and is at the height of your great menu, while we look a little in the direction of the ecology. You will see what results!

Reuse tablecloths that we already have

To begin, we start with the base of the table: the tablecloth. It is not worth buying a new one for these dates, even if they sell them for Christmas reasons, because we are only going to use them a few days a year, otherwise we would be out of tune (it would be a bit strange to eat on bells and Santa Claus at any other time of the year). It will be enough to rescue one of the ones we already have (it does not matter if it is smooth and simple) and adapt it to the set of table decoration that we have chosen. The important thing is that it is clean, smells good and we iron it to make it look perfect.

If you have to buy one, opt for the organic materials, such as organic cotton or linen.

Crockery and glasses

Get your more out of the closet elegant dishes and arrange them as follows: the largest ones on the base, which will be used to serve the main course, a matching smaller salad plate on top of it, to deposit the starters or serve the first course and, if you need it, a small bowl on them, for soups or salads. The cutlery will be placed as follows: forks on the left and knives and spoons on the right, in order of how they are to be used.

For the glasses, two will be enough for the Dinner or meal. Remember that using more containers than we need will not only make us have to scrub a lot more, but will also hinder the comfort of the diners at the table. Normally, with a glass for wine and another for water, we will have left a very elegant and very functional table. Before serving, remove those that we do not need, for example, the wine for people who do not drink alcohol.

If you need additional containers to present the starters, appetizers or the bread, you can make one yourself with recycled paper. Just pick out a bowl you already have and cover it with newspaper. Make several layers, gluing them with special glue or a mixture of flour and water (it works very well for this type of craft!) Let dry and remove the salad bowl that has served as a mold. Then you just have to paint red or gold and varnish, to achieve a more shiny and resistant appearance.

Do It Yourself ornaments from recycled materials

It will be very original and curious if we create ourselves the details that will decorate the table with recycled elements or reusing objects and materials that no longer serve us. Corks, once again, give us immense decorative possibilities. They also look very good aesthetically in the case of Christmas decorations, as they give the table a hibernal and rustic touch. With several corks and a wooden stick, you can create colorful decorations that you can color yourself or identification cards to put the name of each diner, ideal for large groups.

Another detail you can do with some old wooden clothespins. These will be used to decorate the table, to hold napkins and, in addition, you can write on the same personalized messages for the diners or their names. You just have to paint them in the colors that best suit your table.

Ecological centerpieces

For the center (and also for other decorations in the home, such as the welcome center at the door, etc.) you can do lovely garlands from old fabrics. Look in your closet for fabrics or rags that you no longer use, preferably if they are red, green, white or a typical Christmas color. You will only have to cut them into small strips and insert them on a wire. Everyone will be surprised by its results and its great originality.

With natural elements, we can create beautiful centerpieces, for example, with pineapples, cinnamon sticks and dried slices of orange or lemon, which will also add a delicious aroma to the table.

Another centerpiece would be made with natural plants and flower pots. We can boast of our most beautiful plants and equip them with small christmas decorations to help your decoration, while bringing nature to the table.

One option that we love is to place several tube glasses in a row, filling them with fruit to decorate and other elements; for example, cinnamon sticks, flowers or lingonberries.

Candles are always a good option that will give an additional magic to the Christmas table, while providing a very special light and, of course, decorating. Surprise everyone by making homemade natural candles yourself, without toxic elements. In this green ecology post you will easily learn how.

Another very nice detail is to attach a bow (we will first buy a reel of tape) to various elements on the table; for example to the bottles of wine to be served.

Other details to garnish

The natural elements will give us a perfect opportunity to transfer the field to our table without spending too much. To do this, you will only have to go to the field or the garden and collect some dry branches. If you do not want to leave them in their natural form, we can paint them with a silver, red and gold tone spray and then spread them on the table, use them in the guests' napkin rings or put them in a vase creating a perfect centerpiece.

In addition, we have a thousand options that will give us the same uses as the branches: berries, heather, ivy or, as we have mentioned, pinecones. The latter, like the branches, can be painted with marker or spray colors such as red, green or gold and distribute them separately, or create beautiful centerpieces. For these, we can also use Christmas balls and other decorations from previous years. Before buying anything, take inventory of everything you have Christmas past. Even the postcards that your friends sent you years ago can help decorate the house.

Folding napkins

In an element in which we can show off without buying anything extra and with a little skill are napkins. There are thousands of ways to use them as decoration: to pose on top of the glasses, to contain the cutlery, on the plate … remember that napkins The fabric that you already have are more ecological than the paper ones, single use.

With green napkins, or another color of your liking, we can fold the corners to create a beautiful Christmas tree. You can find many tutorials on the internet. In addition, you can build with these napkins "envelopes" to hold the silverware or easily create roses on the glasses.

Perhaps the most elegant way is to fold the napkin (of a very different color from the plate) in four and in a rectangular shape. Next, we place two cutlery slurp it and close with a loop, with the help of a reel of tape that we have acquired with anteriority. We can complete with a few branches of mistletoe or cinnamon stick.

Ecological gif.webpts

To help in this mission of educating your friends about the importance of caring for the environment, you can offer ecological gif.webpts to the guests, such as a jar containing something that you have grown yourself: aromatic herbs or fruits. They will love it and will never forget it!

If, after applying these ideas, you still need to buy something for your decor from your christmas tableYou will find ornaments made from recycled materials online and in some stores.


There are many ways to decorate a christmas table, depending on the general decoration of your home, the character of your guests, the type of dinner you want to offer and, of course, your personal tastes. Perhaps one of these styles will inspire you:

  • Decoration in white and gold.
  • Perfect for elegant and traditional decorations
  • Decoration in gold, red and green.
  • A Christmas classic that never fails: Decoration in brown tones
  • Very natural, paying tribute to the colder times of the year. It will result in a set of the most serious and elegant, as well as cozy.
  • White and blue decor

This color combination is trendy and the result of the freshest and most cheerful. For an informal but elegant decoration with friends it will be a winning option.

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