10 everyday things you can easily reuse at home

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Reusing everyday products or objects that wear out or that simply stop serving us after using them only once is an ecological gesture that is also useful for us, while saving us good money. In this article we are going to review some of the practical uses that we can make with everyday things before turning them into waste. Not surprisingly, extending the useful life of the objects or products we use is an easy and practical way to take care of the planet and also our pocketbook.

In Green Ecologist we present you 10 everyday things you can easily reuse at home, but they are just one example of how much we can do in our home or workplace to extract as much juice as possible from everything that supports a new use or utility.

Coffee leftovers

Indeed, coffee grounds or leftovers they are a real wonder for reuse in the garden, for cosmetic purposes or for daily cleaning. For example, by mixing coffee residues with very hot water we can make the water drain better in the sink, and by rubbing them we will desorize the hands and other surfaces such as the refrigerator.

It will also help us to degrease pans, polish scratch-resistant surfaces or, daring ourselves with everything, it will be very effective to make us a body peeling with anti-cellulite effect due to its caffeine content.


Be it the traditional toothbrush or the replacement of an electric toothbrush, we can use them to improve the House cleaning. We will save on scourers and immediately end up with embedded dirt from the bathroom, the sole of the slippers or any corner of difficult access. In addition, they are very easy to clean once used for household cleaning, as well as to disinfect when necessary, to continue using them.

Reuse the water

The water reuse offers endless possibilities ranging from watering the plants until it is used to wash the car, fill the humidifier tank, add it to the aquarium or, for example, clean different objects.

Collect rainwater With barrels of water or simply putting buckets to fill when it rains is simple and very beneficial for plants. We can also help them to grow if we water them with the cooking water in which we have cooked vegetables.

And, of course, if when watering the plants the water accumulates in the saucer, let's use it again to water another plant. We can also recycle the water we use in the shower or in the sink, as long as they do not contain detergents or chemicals. Its use for the irrigation of a garden would suppose an important saving of water and money.

Magazines and brochures

The old magazines and advertising brochures tend to pile up at home. Rather than letting them become dusty or end up in the trash, let's encourage ourselves to reuse them by using them to crafts with the little ones of the house.

It will be practical to use them to make paper flowers with which to decorate a gif.webpt or give life to a vase. Make confetti with them, garlands, Christmas decorations, envelopes or, when it comes to magazines that are sad to destroy, donate them to a doctor's office or, if they are cultural, to a public library.

Food and drink cans

Reuse the aluminum cans Food is as easy as drawing inspiration from images like the ones we include in this article or simply letting your imagination soar and daring with any idea.

Make a bird feeder (Remember to renew it from time to time to avoid contagion, ornithologists warn), a few decorative pots, some vases, a decorative collector's item, a pincushion, a bottle for pencils, an ornament with ribbons so that the outside air turns it into a precious mobile …

Soda can rings

If you want reuse objects at home in a simple way, surely you have noticed that soda cans and their rings easily accumulate. In fact, soda can rings they give a lot of play. Its reuse can become a great little work of creative recycling. It will be easy to make all kinds of jewelry with them with a lot of imagination and a lot of patience.

Let's make a hanging mobile, a bracelet, earrings, bracelets or any other object. To join them we use staples, threads or tapes. It will be easy to get many and do what the imagination dictates …

Leftover stale bread

The stale bread, one of the objects that most end up going to the garbage can. Let's give it one or protunity. As long as it does not have mold, it can be reused in the kitchen. It can become a main ingredient of a soup of bread, of a delicious garlic soup, in breadcrumbs, in salad croutons, soups, creams, garnishes …

Or, of course, let's turn it into some irresistible French toast. If we prefer the salty flavor, let's heat it up and transform it into crunchy bases for some canapes.

Tea bags and other infusions

The tea bagsYes, they can be reused in many different ways. Before they dry they will be a good relaxing for the eyes. We will apply as if they were two cucumber slices, we will let it rest for about 15 minutes and that's it.

They are also effective in reducing inflammation of insect bites and, in general, have anti-inflammatory properties. On a cosmetic level, there are those who use them to dye their hair or, more precisely, to give it a slight hue that can camouflage gray hair or reinforce the effect of some vegetable dyes.

Letting it dry and using it as an odor absorber for the fridge and other small rooms, such as drawers, cabinets or shoe boxes, let's say, is another possibility. Finally, let's get rid of the bag and bury it or leave it on the surface to serve as a compost.

Toilet paper tubes

The toilet paper tubes they are a raw material of great value for any self-respecting recycling artist. We can make assemblies the sea of results by cutting them into slices and, as is, they are ideal as flowerpots to plant seeds or, why not, to let the imagination fly and invent the funniest figures ever seen.

Reuse newspaper

The diary paperFinally, it allows the most varied reuses. From line furniture or books until it becomes gif.webpt wrap. They will also play a great role in moving, to protect fragile things, and can even help us to ripen vegetables and fruits, as well as to dry wet shoes after a rainy day. To do this, we will introduce some balls of newspaper inside. By the way, let's not use it to make compost, because the ink is not biodegradable.

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