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Are you looking for how to regulate the temperature of your home in the most sustainable way possible? Aerothermy may be just what you need. Both for cooling and heating and for heating sanitary water, this is one of the best options today. In addition, you may be interested to know that one way to make this temperature regulation even more sustainable and ecological is by combining it with photovoltaic solar energy.

If you want to know this type of energy to regulate temperature, keep reading this Green Ecologist article, because we will tell you all about what is aerothermal and how does it work, as well as you can install it in your home.

What is aerothermy

Aerothermal is a technology that gets energy from the air and, from this, the needs of hot water, heating and cooling in the home or office are covered.

This technology that began to appear a decade ago, is increasingly being found in more homes, since little by little it is known more and it is easier to have access to it and its installation at home, and all thanks to brands such as Viessmann.

The fact that it works with air makes this technique of regulation of the ambient and water temperature considered a eco-friendly option, respectful with the environment and, after all, part of the environment of The renewable energies, that with the passage of time they gain more followers around the world for a variety of reasons, both related to caring for the environment and home economics.

How aerothermy works

Aerothermal is a clean technology which is responsible for obtaining the thermal energy found in the air and transforming it into the form of heating, cooling or sanitary hot water for the home. This is done thanks to the aerothermal heat pump system. Outside the house an outdoor unit is installed that is responsible for collecting energy from the air and transferring it to the interior circuit of the home, becoming an ecological and economic system of hot water, heating and cooling (using both underfloor heating and BT fan coils and radiators).

The process of aerothermal operation is:

  1. In a part known as the evaporator, the air from the environment outside the house enters. In this part of the system, the exchange of thermal energy takes place and, when this happens, the refrigerant liquid evaporates.
  2. The result of the evaporated refrigerant goes to a compressor that compresses it and this increases the temperature.
  3. This compressed gas goes to a condenser that performs the process of condensing the gas to convert it back into liquid, which when undergoing this process releases thermal energy, and the liquid remains as a refrigerant again. Thus, this released energy is what is used to transfer it to the home through the chosen air conditioning system (underfloor heating, fan coils, etc.).
  4. The remaining liquid refrigerant is directed towards the expansion valve, which will lower the pressure and the temperature of the liquid and this will be able to return to the evaporator to start all over the aerothermal process.

In addition, there is the possibility that this system is in two parts (split aerothermal system), leaving one unit inside the house and another unit outside, or in a single outdoor unit (monobloc aerothermal system).

Advantages of aerothermal

These are the main advantages of aerothermal heating at home:

  • It does not use storable fuels, so you do not have to worry about its supply.
  • It does not generate waste when using it, since by not using fuels it is a clean system.
  • What it uses instead of a fuel is air, so it is considered a respectful system with the environment or environment and is part of renewable energies, which are the future.
  • Provides greater energy savings than other systems to regulate the temperature of the environment and water. In this way, by installing aerothermal energy at home you can achieve maximum energy efficiency in your home.
  • It is one of the most complete systems that exists today, since it allows you to cover the needs of your family: cooling, heating and hot water.
  • This system has a very low noise level, so if the sound level of a heating or cooling device worries you, with this you will not have to think about it.
  • Although an initial investment is required, the maintenance of the aerothermal is minimal, so in the medium-long term it is considered a better option than other systems.

How to install aerothermal at home

If knowing her better now you want install aerothermal in your home, and even combine it with photovoltaic, do not hesitate to look for the best options in the area where you live and surroundings.

A great solution for energy management at home is to combine the installation of photovoltaic solar technology with heat pump systems, where in Viessmann it goes a step further: not only does it combine both systems optimizing energy efficiency, but Viessmann heat pumps take advantage of the surplus photovoltaic energy to store it as thermal energy, which makes it possible to achieve high rates of self-consumption.

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