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Although we all like to enjoy the sun's rays and the pleasant thermal sensation that it provides, we must bear in mind that excess heat can pose a risk to our health. In this way, protecting ourselves and fighting the heat, especially in the summer months, is more than a practice, a necessity.

Some of the most efficient methods to avoid heat consists of the use of air conditioners, however, these present some problems and associated negative effects, that is why at Ecologista Verde we offer you green alternatives to air conditioning, respectful with nature.

Why is the use of the air conditioner not convenient?

The installation of air conditioners in our homes helps us maintain a suitable and comfortable temperature. However, these devices also have negative effects on our health and the environment:

  • In our health, through the emission of a polluting gas that sooner or later ends up manifesting its harmful effects on our respiratory system, especially if we already suffer from some type of disease. In addition, when using the air conditioning, the most common thing is that the windows remain closed so that the air is continuously recirculated without giving the possibility for it to be renewed.
  • In the environment, due to the high consumption of electricity with the consequent environmental problems associated with it and the increase in polluting gases emitteds to the atmosphere that cause, among other problems, global warming.

Green alternatives to air conditioning

There are small habits that can help us refresh ourselves in a specific way, such as drinking water, eating fresh food, opening the windows and allowing drafts to form, if possible, or closing them if the outside temperatures are extreme, although unfortunately These measurements will only be useful for a few minutes.

At the time of apply more effective methods we can go to specific structures or to the installation of some devices or equipment in order to obtain longer lasting results:

  • Bioclimatic architecture: it is the oldest method that exists to combat the heat. It is about the construction of houses that take advantage of their forms, structure, materials and even the environment that surrounds them. Use solar protections to prevent the rays from penetrating the homes, such as the use of a simple awning on the windows, paint the homes with light colors that reflect the sun's rays or preserve interior patios with vegetation and water that allow the formation of currents of fresh air.
  • Fans: Thanks to the movement of their blades, the fans are capable of reducing the air temperature without varying the humidity of the environment. They can be placed at different points in the room, although those that are most effective are those located on the ceiling, since by laws of nature the hot air tends to rise and in this way the fan is in charge of cooling it. The energy consumption of these devices is lower than that of air conditioning and can use renewable energy as a source.
  • Heat pumps: these are machines that, through conduits embedded in the structure of the house, allow heat to be transferred from one space to a warmer one, so that, by reversing the process, just as heat can be obtained, cold can be obtained. This means that the installation of these devices can be used for both winter and summer. As drawbacks we can highlight that the installation is quite complex and that the energy consumption is higher than in the case of the previous alternative.

The best alternative to air conditioning

However, the best ecological alternative to air conditioners are evaporative coolers systems capable of generating fresh air by evaporating the water, since the phase change of said element from liquid to gas absorbs heat, therefore reducing the air temperature. Its installation is not much more complicated than that of the air conditioning, presenting a much lower energy expenditure, near 80% lower than that of a conventional appliance, in addition to some other advantages such as the elimination of microorganisms harmful to human health or that it does not use any type of refrigerant, thus benefiting the integrity of the environment.

Perhaps, its main drawback is that need constant water supply Although this can be obtained even from rainfall, that is, it does not have to be drinking water from the network, so, today, it is the best alternative for the replacement of air conditioning.

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