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Big cities need to be greener, which is why there needs to be more spaces for plant care, either through a small garden or an urban garden. Currently, methods have become popular that allow you to take care of your plants even with little space: we are talking about vertical gardens and hydroponic plants. This type of cultivation not only beautifies spaces, but is easy to maintain and offers you the possibility of taking advantage of the many benefits of living in a greener environment.

With the right materials, such as Pevgrow watering accessories and the right plants, it is very easy to create a vertical garden with hydroponic plants. If you want to know more about vertical gardens to take care of the urban ecosystem with hydroponic plantsPay attention to the following article by Green Ecologist.

What is a vertical garden and its benefits

Vertical gardens have become the latest fad when it comes to being able to grow your own plants within an urban nucleus, where there is generally no space for it. But why should you bet on create your own vertical garden? The benefits of a vertical garden They are varied and have an ecological, economic and social influence. Get to know them!

Environmental temperature reduction

One of the main benefits is that the vertical garden helps absorb sunlight up to 50%, thus reducing the temperature creating a cooler and more pleasant climate. This point also has an economic impact, since it will allow you to increase energy savings and, for example, you can use the air conditioning by up to 33% less.

Air purification

The ability to purify the air from vertical ecosystems it's key. Plants filter the air by converting CO2 into oxygen, substantially improving the quality of the air in your home, being purer and with a better aroma.

Healthier environment

Living in a greener and more ecological environment promotes a healthier environment at home. Thus, the vertical garden can have a direct impact on reducing ailments. In addition, it has a positive impact on well-being, reducing stress and providing a feeling of relaxation.

Environmental noise reduction

A wall with plants acts as a barrier against ambient noise. In fact, a vertical garden has the ability to absorb 41% more noise than a traditional facade.

Increase in biodiversity

The urban ecosystems They promote the habitat of more species within a city, helping to increase the biodiversity of the environment.

Easy maintenance

Vertical gardens are easy to maintain. They do not need a very complicated irrigation system and, in addition, they act as a rainwater reserve. In fact, they can even be made in a hydroponic format, using only water and thus saving on soil or substrate.

Home beautification

It is an original way to have your own urban garden or to take care of your plants and, in addition, it acts as another decorative element that brings a touch of unmatched nature to the interior area of a home.

Extends the useful life of the facade

In the face of inclement weather and other external agents, the vertical ecosystems created in the format of vertical gardens outside the house, help to better preserve the facade, increasing its useful life and helping to increase the value of the property.

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How to grow a hydroponic plant in a vertical garden

The hydroponic cultivation It consists of taking care of the development of the plants without using the soil, since they develop only with water and air, where they find all the nutrients to be able to grow. You can optimize resources and obtain a urban garden or a vertical ecosystem very nutritious and healthy. All this allows to have a greater control over the growth and healthy development of the plant.

The hydroponic system it's a smart way to grow plants in small spaces without much effort. The most important thing about this vertical garden type is the irrigation system and irrigation accessories, such as the domestic hydroponic kit, necessary to be able to provide these types of plants with all the necessary nutrients to grow. For many it is the agriculture of the future and is perfect for growing your own urban garden. Here are some more tips on the accessories to take into account for this type of crop.

Irrigation system

Hydroponic irrigation is the essential part of this type of cultivation. The roots receive the nutrient solution dissolved in water as well as fertilizers and chemicals that allow their optimal development, without the need to use soil. As accessories, floating systems, individual containers, bags or grooves can be used.

The NFT hydroponic system is the most striking. It consists of placing channels or pipes in several rows to create the vertical garden. The water will be in constant circulation and the plants will be able to acquire the necessary nutrients whenever they require it.

Importance of light

It is necessary to provide hydroponic plants with a good light system, for example, with the use of LED lamps, in addition to natural light. Thanks to artificial light, hydroponic plants can be grown all year round, always taking into account the appropriate temperature they require.

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List of hydroponic plants

When cultivating your own urban garden with the hydroponic system, you must take into account the importance of selecting the plants that can develop properly through this system. Next, we leave you a list of hydroponic plants most recommended:

  • Marijuana or cannabis
  • Lettuce
  • Mint
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Ginger
  • Sage
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Oregano
  • Valerian
  • Lavender
  • Celery
  • Purslane
  • Handle
  • Pepper

If you are a lover of gardening or urban agriculture, creating a vertical garden with hydroponic plants is perfect for you. You won't need a large piece of land and you can grow beautiful plants or produce healthier, nutrient-rich foods, cheaply and without much investment of time.

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