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The fight between Trump and renewables

If someone thought that no one could hinder the advancement of the renewable worldwide … You were wrong !. Even with a simple Twitter account the president Trump is shaking and disturbing the minds of those who are committed to a more environmentally friendly future using the power of renewable energy.

First, we have to consider what the overall base goals of the Trump policy to be able to understand what actions you are taking, although we could practically summarize it in a small sentence "United States First" from all perspectives; for companies, for jobs, for communities, for growth … etc. So betting on internal growth through US companies without dependence on foreign companies is a key point of their policies.

Second, we should see roughly how much money moves in the United States around the renewable energy sector:

In "%" of investment in the United States from 2014 to 2015 it rose 19% according to the previous graph, reaching 44 Billion. It was the second country in the world in investment.

Donald Trump against renewables

We want to broadly outline what is the direction and actions that the president of the United States is taking against renewable energy:

Make it clear what your policy on renewables is

Following the line of their policies and in case anyone had doubts, from the official website of the White House in the energy policy section they highlight us in a first headline with "America's first power plan" where we can read among many atrocities that:

«A healthy energy policy begins with the recognition that we have huge untapped domestic energy reserves here in America. The Trump Administration with its policies will embrace the shale oil and gas revolution to bring jobs and prosperity to millions of Americans. We must tap into the estimated $ 50 billion in untapped shale, oil and natural gas reserves, especially on federal lands owned by the American people. We will use the proceeds from energy production to rebuild our roads, schools, bridges, and public infrastructure. The less expensive energy will be a big boost for American agriculture, too.

«The Administration of Donald Trump is also committed to clean coal technology and the revival of America's coal industry., who has been suffering for too long. " (Text extracted from the article HERE)

The fossil fuel-minded administration

The United States Department of Energy. The administrative and legislative part has always been a constant headache for those who advocate for fossil fuels, a solution, surrounding themselves with a well-nourished cabinet of people who have worked alongside the big oil and gas companies. From Rick Perry who will be Secretary of Energy of the United States that has interests in Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners, which are part of a network of gas pipeline companies.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). On the other hand, US President-elect Donald Trump chose a nice man, Scott Pruitt, a character quite close to the fossil fuel industry, to head the EPA. Interestingly, in his career as Minister of Justice of the state of Oklahoma he fought vigorously against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which he will now lead, with different legal battles for the reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from carbon power plants, according to the measures established by the former president, Barack Obama.

Application of executive measures

This same month, a series of executive memoranda have already been applied where the consumption and production of fossil fuels will be promoted. The most outstanding, that the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which Obama paralyzed in his day, is finished, and that we can see in the following infographic of what the needs are.

An energy project that aims to link the region of Alberta, in Canada, with the US state of Nebraska, but … Why such a rush with this project? Although the United States does not want to, the United States depends a lot on the barrels of oil from Venezuela and Mexico, if the pipeline is completed they will obtain approximately 830,000 barrels per day of crude to the United States, so the energy dependence of Venezuela and Mexico would be drastically reduced.

Narrow the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and drive at will. But why? From the Obama administration, he promoted renewable energy research and drafted the Clean Energy Act that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets limits on carbon emissions.

If we have already commented previously that Scott Pruitt will direct it and remembering the words of Trump in his campaign of … "That you would like to eliminate the EPA, or make it smaller." The future is not at all encouraging, with forecasts of reducing its size by half, in terms of employees, and an economic cut of 1,000 million dollars shows a significant decrease in its capacity to act, protect and information.

Renewables against Trump

Although we have already seen in a general way the obstacles that Trump is practicing against renewables, we are talking about a sector that is booming both nationally (United States) and internationally where it is economically viable and there are many economic interests, jobs and without accounting for the Possible complaints for breaches of contract by large energy companies in the renewable sector or the opinion of Americans, which does matter a lot!

The job

At the beginning of the article, economically speaking, we have already seen the monumental investment that is handled in the renewable sector, this not only translates into environmental benefits but also in jobs in the renewable sector. Although the Trump campaign used to say …

The reality is that it did not tell everything, and the result is that the The rate of jobs created around the world from renewables is very high in the United States. We just have to look at the following graph:

In the United States electric power generation sector, the solar industry employed nearly 373,807 people in 2015-16, double the number of jobs in the oil, coal and gas sector combined, according to a new report from the US Department of Energy.

The opinion of the Americans

Y… What do you think of Americans in the renewables sector?. Based on the new study by the Pew Research Center, it appears that 65% of Americans believe that alternative energies such as solar and wind should be prioritized, compared to 27% who believe that they should focus on oil, coal or natural gas.

So the "battle" between Trump - Renewables has only just begun and there are still many stories to tell where at the end there is a struggle between benefiting the environment or increasing the economic power of the United States.

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