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Checking CTE requirements for the basic energy saving document.

One of the headaches for many certifying technicians is verification of CTE requirements (Technical building Code) before him energy certificate. SAINT-GOBAIN ISOVER have launched a complement that facilitates the analysis of the checking the requirements of the technical building code, for Ce3X application users. The ISOVER plug-in is fully integrated into Ce3X and allows you to analyze the CTE basic requirements corresponding to the basic energy saving document.

We must remember that this new plugin before him energy certificate report It allows analyze the basic requirements corresponding to the basic energy saving document of the CTE as established in Order FOM / 1635/2013, of September 10, which updates the Basic Document DB-HE «Energy Saving», of the Technical Building Code, approved by Royal Decree 314/2006, of March 17, and which are summarized in the following scheme:

Scope of application and requirements DB-HE0 and DB-HE1

Since we have a general idea of the scope and requirements in the Consumption limitation DB-HE0 and in the Demand limitation DB-HE1. Now we would have to respond to…. How to meet CTE DB HE 0 and DB HE1 step by step with example?

CTE check procedure for DB HE0 and DB HE1 by Ce3X

As a preliminary, we leave the summary video to get a general idea.

To further clarify concepts and the plugin target for Ce3X It is highly recommended to see the following explanatory video that was made at the Habitat Forum.

Two main objectives of the plugin

  • The plugin anticipates what may happen in the future with CE3X. You already carry out the verification for new construction.
  • The complement verifies at the time of presenting the energy certificate that the Proposed improvement measures comply with the CTE… It is not mandatory to do so at this time, but…What sense would it make to present improvement measures that do not comply with the law?

How to meet CTE DB HE0 and DB HE1 step by step

We must remember that since January 14, 2016 you can only use the latest versions of the energy certification programs, HERE the explanation and access to download the latest versions of the certification programs.

Once the Ce3X pluginlet's see a example of justification of the CTE requirements. To perform the requirements analysis, it will be loaded into CE3X the file of the building to be analyzed. If you click on the "Verification CTE 2013", a new window will appear showing all the scenarios defined in the 2013 CTE and where the user will indicate the building type on which you want to perform the analysis:

The complement performs the analysis of the basic requirements of sections HE-0 and HE-1 of the CTE both in the edifice object that has been inserted into the CE3X program object of energy rating as on each and every one of the sets of improvement measures that have been defined for said building (Recall that there is also a plugin of ISOVER for improvement measures in the Ce3X Building). In the window you can see the name of the set, the description, the energy rating and the result of the check that can be "Complies" or "Does not comply".

Next, you can click on the icons next to the result of the check:

In this icon you will find detailed information on the parts of the CTE that are not fulfilled.

This icon will generate the detailed report of the verification of CTE HE-0 and HE-1 requirements in PDF format with all the necessary information so that the certifying technician can sign it.

If you continue browsing the application, clicking on the information icon will display the results as follows:

By selecting the more information icon, the system returns a complete analysis of each of the requirements:

The complement also performs a analysis of both surface condensations and interstitial condensations:

Selecting the button "Generate report", the plugin generates a complete report with the justification step by step of all calculations and analyzes carried out:

Download CTE compliance plugin from ISOVER for CE3X

Access from ISOVER to download the plugin HERE.

Let us remember that from this portal we have another article of interest. New CTE DB HE justification where the characteristics and steps to be followed in new construction are explained.

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