Benefits of planting a lemon tree in the garden

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Surely if you walk down a street where there are houses with gardens, you will find one of them that has a plant outside. nice lemon tree. And it is that I am not surprised because this tree will bring you many Benefits which I will detail below, so if you are thinking of planting a tree in your garden and you can't decide, you should know that planting a lemon tree would be an excellent option.

10 months with lemons

That's right, the lemon tree will be offering you lemons for 10 months a year and that you can use to make the recipes you want, for your lemon tea or simply for aromatize with its good smell … for whatever you see as necessary!

Trim tree

It is not a tree that is ugly in a garden since thanks to its open glass it will beautify your garden in a spectacular way. It is also a tree that will have leaves practically always and green in color, they also smell good. As if that were not enough, they can also decorate your garden with their beautiful white flowers.

Of course, although it is a beautiful tree it must have some weather conditions pleasant and protected from adverse conditions as it needs sun and plenty of water (avoiding hard waters or those with too much salt at all costs).

Lemon benefits

Lemon is also a fruit that cannot be missing in our diet so that it is balanced since 100ml of lemon juice will provide you with half the vitamin C that your body needs daily.

As if that were not enough, the lemon will also help you absorb better the iron Something essential to avoid anemia, it also has antioxidant characteristics.

Tricks to take good care of the lemon tree

The lemon tree does not demand many cares but you will have to take into account their needs so that they can grow healthy and give you good fruits. You must have in account three basic aspects; irrigation, compost and the light it receives. Let's see some tricks:

  • It needs a lot of water so it should always be humid, in winter watering it 3 times a week will be enough, but in summer it should be daily.
  • Add fertilizers to the lemon tree after the second flowering has passed (for example, you can fertilize in fall, spring and summer).
  • Your lemon tree should be in a place with natural light and an optimal temperature between 17 and 28 degrees.

Of course you should not forget about pruning in spring to discard those diseased leaves, dry or weak by clearing the center of the tree (but without going overboard) so that it can receive the energy of the sun.

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