Tricks to get a more fertile ground

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You may have had your garden, orchard and your plants a bit neglected during spring and autumn, but with spring you have to put the batteries in so that all your specimens are healthy and strong during the warmer months of the year. To make this possible, one of the keys is to have fertile land.

Fortunately, having a fertile land is much easier than it seems. The most important thing is that you use worms, natural compost or organic waste. At Ecologist Verde we give you the best tricks to get a more fertile ground.

Worms to have a more fertile ground

One of the best options to get a more fertile land is to use Earthworms. In this way you will feed the land and it will remain fertile, so the plants will grow much better. You will need to put enough worms in the ground, which will feed on the roots of dead plants and then expel them through their droppings, making the soil naturally compost. In addition, the worms will eliminate the residues of the previous harvests.

Get a fertile land with natural compost

It's also a good idea to add compost to the soil. The earth and plants feed on this element. To make compost or natural compost you will need water, air, earth, dry materials and fresh materials. Of course, you can also buy other types of compost in nurseries and specialized garden stores.

Organic waste to fertilize the land naturally

Finally, we are going to propose a very simple and very effective trick to make the land fertile. Thus, you will have to make a hole in the place where you want to sow the crop. In it you must pour fertile soil, which you have previously compared, and mix it with organic waste such as fruit scraps, nut shells, egg shells, etc. In this way the land will get a greater number of nutrients. It is important that you water it periodically.

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