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I suppose you know that there are deciduous and evergreen trees. Deciduous trees are those trees that change their leaves throughout the year and are left without leaves at certain times of the year. Instead the evergreen trees are those trees that they do not change the leaf and that they are all year with their green leaves and although they bloom at different times of the year, they do not run out of leaves at any time.

If you are thinking of adding this type of evergreen trees to your garden to be able to enjoy its beauty throughout the year, do not miss the small list that I provide below so that you can choose the evergreen tree that you like the most or that is best for your garden.

Cork oak

The cork oak it is an evergreen tree. It has dark green leaves between 4 and 7 centimeters long and has acorns of about 3 cm in length that are produced from September to January when the frosts are much more numerous. These trees live between 150 and 250 years. The cork oak is a tree that needs mild and humid climates. Its fruits (the acorns) are bitter and inedible although they are used to fatten animals, especially pigs.

The oak

The Holm oak is a evergreen and medium-sized tree although it may look like a large bush. It can reach 25 meters in height in the wild and has a rounded crown. The leaves are evergreen and remain on the tree for two to four years.

Acacia mimosa

The mimosa acacia It is a shrub or seedling and is within the 1000 species of the Acacia of Australia. It is an upright tree that looks like a large bush 10 meters high. Has a great resistance to cold something that improves if subjected to regular pruning.

These three trees that I just told you about are large trees so you would have to have a garden or an open space where you could plant these trees and they could grow without any problem or with space problems. A tree needs enough space to allow its roots to grow and to be healthy.

Do you know other evergreen trees What do you think are suitable for your garden and thus enjoy its beauty throughout the year?

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