10 white garden flowers - with names and photos

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Decorating the garden can be a difficult task in terms of making distribution decisions, but above all it is usually difficult to decide the decoration of plants and flowers, since a variety of factors must be taken into account, such as light, temperature, humidity , our tastes, and so on. Therefore, it is best to go to specialists dedicated to the creation and care of gardens, as they can guide us in the best types of plants for our case. For example, some of the most sought after are white flowers, as it is a tone that evokes peace, purity and at the same time makes the view happy. Next, in Green Ecologist, we show you a list with 10 white garden flowers, so you have several to choose from.

White hydrangeas for the garden

Between the garden plants with white flowers that we want to highlight we start with the hydrangea. There are varieties of hydrangeas, but in this case we will focus on white hydrangeas, which can be of any of these varieties as this color is present in all of them.

If you want a plant with flowers with small but dense petals and a bright white color, without a doubt these plants are one of the best options for your garden. You can plant them directly in the ground or have them in pots, they do have to be large pots since they are plants that grow a lot, even on the ground they end up being bushes full of flowers. They need natural sun or semi-shade, better if throughout the day it has both parts, and they must be watered regularly and always wetting the soil well and avoiding wetting the leaves, as they can burn with the sun.

Common or mural white daisies

Another of the best white flowering plants for the garden It is undoubtedly the typical margarita, with a yellow or orange center. If you want to illuminate your garden with plants with light colored flowers, it is also a good idea to look for those that are bushy, that is, they have a large number of flowers together. Precisely, daisies are bushy, although depending on the type there are some that are more or less so and there are those with larger or smaller flowers. In addition, with this plant you will attract insects that are good for plants and that brighten up the garden, such as bees and butterflies, as well as some small birds.

We recommend planting bush daisies if it is for the ground, as it forms a white flower bush very nice, but other kinds of common daisies or murals if they are for pots, even if they are large. They are resistant plants, so you can have them in the sun or in the shade as you prefer and it is convenient to water them with a certain periodicity if we want them to grow beautiful, although they withstand dry seasons well.

Learn more about Daisy Care in this other article.

White gardenias

Another good option from outdoor plants with white flowers are the gardenias. Within these there are about 150 varieties and most have large flowers and have a very sweet aroma.

For caring for white gardenias it is necessary that they have enough direct sun and the earth very humid, but not flooded. We recommend watering them almost daily and doing it when the sun no longer hits them, better at night when the soil is not too hot either. They bloom from spring to summer, so these pretty, fragrant plants will be easy to enjoy in the garden while the weather is nice.

White water lilies for gardens with water

Water lilies They are one of the most popular water flowers out there and are perfect for gardens with large ponds or fountains. There are several colors such as red or pink, but whites are the most frequent and beautiful, with the center of a contrasting yellow tone.

Are pretty flowers for gardens with water They are shaped like a star or cup and are usually about 18 inches long. These aquatic flowers usually come out in late spring and last until it gets cold.

White-flowered cyclamen for the garden

Cyclamen a winter plant, in fact, may be in flowering all winter. Thus, if you are in a hot area it is not the most recommended and if you still include it in your garden, it will be better to place it in a shady place well protected from the heat. In cold areas you can place this plant where you prefer, as it does need a lot of natural light and, especially in cold seasons, to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

White roses for the garden

If you want big white flowers In your garden, rose bushes of this color are a good option, without a doubt very beautiful and aromatic. You can have White roses in a pot, but if you have space in your garden area we recommend that you plant it directly, it will become larger and more beautiful. They need a lot of natural light but no direct sun for many hours.

In addition, here we leave you several Ideas to create a beautiful garden with roses.

White peonies

Peonies are plants with large white flowers, pink, fuchsia or red. Normally, its flowers have at least two shades of the same or similar color, for example, those in the photo below are white but with the center a little salmon or light pink.

It is convenient to plant white peonies in the ground as they are a shrub and will grow better so than in large pots. They bloom when spring comes, at the beginning or even just before it begins.

White chrysanthemum

There are many varieties and there are countless colors, such as roses in different shades, oranges or white with a yellow center. Chrysanthemums They are other of the most sought-after plants with white flowers to decorate gardens since they are large flowers, with a large number of petals and there are varieties that form pompoms that are really very decorative.

They need lots of natural light, but they do not withstand excess heat or direct sunlight, therefore you can place them in a semi-shady place where they receive natural light but not direct sunlight for a long time.

Jasmine, a white flower garden vine

If you are looking plants with small white flowers we show you a nice option: jasmine from Madagascar. It is a plant that can climb or be in hanging baskets or pots. If you opt for this plant with a sweet aroma, you will have to put it in the sun and give it daily watering in hours that the sun no longer gives it.

If you live in areas where the winters are quite cold and you have it in a pot, it is best to bring it home during this cold season.

White daffodil for the garden

Now, we encourage you to bet on white daffodils, a plant with small white flowers and very aromatic. It is necessary to sow them in autumn, keep them in a place with plenty of sun, with moderate watering and take into account that they bloom at the end of winter.

Although we recommend white ones because in this article we focus on white ones, daffodils are also typically yellow or orange.

If you like them and want to have them around the house, check out this practical gardening guide from Green Ecologist on When and how to plant daffodils.

Video about plants with white flowers - names and care

To finish, we leave you a video from our YouTube channel in which you will see more images of these plants with white flowers, their names and care.

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