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The daisy is a beautiful decorative flower that transmits freshness, joy and harmony wherever it is located, one of the best examples of plants in our country to decorate without a doubt.

This highly recognized plant has a natural beauty that soon comes to anyone's mind: plants between 25 and 70 centimeters tall with a flower up to 15 centimeters in diameter with beautiful elongated petals in white, orange, red or pinkish with a yellow or orange center button.

But the best thing is undoubtedly the ease of its cultivation, and that is that this plant is resistant enough to remain perfect with a little care. Are you interested in knowing the Daisy care? If so, keep reading this Green Ecologist article in which we detail them.

How to care for daisies

Although at the beginning all the varieties of the plant need a generous daily watering (the yellow ones and queens somewhat less), when the plant is already adult, it is necessary to water the daisies two to three times a week in summer and only once every fortnight in winter.

In general, they are specimens that need to be in the sun at temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees, although some varieties (such as the bush daisy, one of the most common) can withstand significantly lower temperatures and even adapt to semi-shade.

The land in which it is cultivated must be rich in organic matter and with a good drainage, because the daisy suffocates with the stagnation of water in the roots and can die.

As for his flowering in spring, it is best to contribute some vitamin supplement to the land with a good fertilizer that favors its development; Pruning it in autumn, after the flowering of the warm seasons, can help the plant to revitalize itself and new shoots emerge on it that will bloom during the following spring.

Although we are rather used to seeing them in bouquets or in pots (where they reach up to 50 centimeters), these plants can reach up to two meters in height if they are grown outdoors.

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