Natural cosmetics stores in Spain

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In previous posts, we proposed the ecological challenge of switching to natural cosmetics, due to its enormous benefits for your health, your skin, your beauty and for the environment, in addition to the fact that, in the long run, it is much cheaper than investing in products that we don't really need.

These are some of the best natural cosmetic brands in Spain.

Some good brands nationwide

A first way to do this is by making our products ourselves, from shampoos and soaps to perfumes. However, there are more and more natural stores specialized that offer artisan products with which you can recreate and take care of your body as it deserves.

Remember to choose only the products that you need, select them without packaging (or, failing that, with recyclable packaging) and opt for local products. Although internationally there are good brands of this type of cosmetic, we recommend that you choose national brands, to alleviate the carbon dioxide emissions that occur during the transport, and to bet on the national and local market. What's more, find out if these products are manufactured in the region and the raw materials are from here to carry out an eco-responsible behavior.

Therefore, if you live in Granada, for example, make a list of the natural products stores in this province (many make directly in the stores the products and from raw materials collected directly in the area). It is also a good option to choose products certified by ecological organizations.

Naetura: the pioneer

It is a line of natural and organic cosmetics (the raw materials used are grown without using toxins or pesticides) that has international certifications. You will not find in their products beauty and hygiene nor synthetic perfumes, nor petrochemicals, nor toxic and you can choose between products for women, men and children and for the care of almost the entire body. products They are: aloe vera, jojoba, coconut or shea nut, which have proven therapeutic properties and have been proven effective for care. This shop is in Malaga.

Karicia, totally natural

The motto of this shop with such an ingenious name is that Mother Nature is wise enough to offer us the best well-being and care for our skin. Their products have mineral and vegetable ingredients, but you will also find aloe vera, clay, heather and all kinds of medicinal plants in them.

For example, they use the pruin in their products to take care of your skin. The wax is the wax layer that protects leaves, stems and fruits from external aggressions and will also help to care for and beautify your body.

They are in: Huesca

Herbalism of the King

It is not a cosmetics store itself, but it has great fame and is the oldest herbalist in Barcelona. There you will find medicinal herbs and also very good natural products. In addition, they perform natural beauty treatments and even give courses to teach you how to make your own cosmetic solutions and soaps with medicinal plants.

They are in: Barcelona


Another of the greats national brands (Although there are many and very good ones, we cannot include all of them in the list). There you will find products that will delight your daily care, such as oils, soaps, perfumes, which are also manufactured under a bio and ethical principle. It is also sought that the product is capable of creating harmony with the environment and the experience when we use it is both physical as well as mental.

They are in: Granada

Argan South

Its name will give you a clue: many of its products are made from argan oil, used by women of all kinds of cultures (for example Arabs) as their great beauty secret. His cosmetic is natural and 100% pure.

But in addition to argan oil, they also use rosehip, almond and prickly pear oil, for example, in their products. Did you know that coconut oil cleanses the skin like few other products and that coconut oil prickly pear is it a powerful anti-wrinkle and firming? Dare to discover the miracle of natural cosmetics in this store.

They are in: Zaragoza

Yeidra, without added perfumes

They specialized in cosmetic without parabens, added perfumes and, something that is very important, not tested or proven on animals. They mainly use one hundred percent natural vegetable oils, always trying to preserve the properties of each product so that they make your skin feel as good as possible. Its products are certified "ECOCERT Organic Cosmetic". These products do not have added perfumesInstead, essential oils are used in them, which, as they explain from their website, does not interfere with the smell of our perfume, but they do make the experience pleasant and natural.

If you want or have to make a very special gif.webpt, take a look at their gif.webpt packs.

They are in: Granada

Adonia Natur, natural and organic

It is one of the great trademarks from cosmetic which opened in Barcelona and later in Madrid, although the goal is for them to be present throughout Spain. Their brands are clean and certified and, although they also have an online store, it is preferable to go to the store, to save on transportation and because there are things, such as makeup, that it is better to try in person. Its raw materials are fully cultivated ecological.

They are in: Madrid and Barcelona

Poppy, organic cosmetics made from flowers

Another store that has ecological certificates and that is based on creating totally natural quality products. Created by a pharmacist - who confesses, others, a lover of nature - plants were chosen for the production of almost all their products, since they contain active principles, moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing principles and are capable of nourishing our skin and to beautify our body. In its line of products you will find solutions for skin with acne, mature or dry skin Sunscreens, salts and mud for your baths, soaps and body oils, as well as a very complete line for foot care. A cream with aloe vera and chamomile to revitalize the skin every morning costs about 15 euros.

Where they are: Barcelona.

Orchard Planet

It is not a specific store of hygiene and beauty products, but they do have a very interesting line of ecological cosmetics. In general, their products are very good and also in beauty and grooming they stand out. You will find from products for the oral hygiene and intimate, such as fragrance-free cosmetics and eco-friendly makeup or hair removal. Some strips of ecological and 100% natural depilatory wax will cost you about six euros. Is it so compound with wax of bees bio and organically grown aloe vera.

They are in: Alicante

Matarrania, all its certified products

This store, which has been dedicated to the world of natural cosmetics for years, reports from its website that each and every one of its products has been certificates What ecological. Their gold raw material is olive oil, on which they base a large part of their products. In addition, all its packaging is recyclable Y recycled and they donate part of their profits to local environmental projects, so in addition to caring for our skin in the best possible way, we will be contributing to a good cause that concerns us all.

Take a look at the Mom and Baby Care Line.

They are in: Teruel

Dulkamara Bamboo

If you confess a / a lover of the cosmetic And you love doing your ritual and spending hours pampering yourself, there is no natural product that you cannot find in this store of high quality products. Its raw material is bamboo (as you know, an element widely used in ecology) and with this base you will find revitalizing oils, firming emulsions, vegetable peelings, mask, flower essences for hair and a long etcetera. The best of all is that the products are so effective that by applying just a little to our skin we will already be benefiting from the best results.

They are in: Navarra


This is a store organic cosmetics and natural with a very wide and interesting line, which includes beauty products for pregnant women and natural makeup for lips and nails. You will love her lip gloss made from organic shea butter and jojoba oil to hydrate and protect your lips. They do not test the products on animals, so you can use it with all your conscience and they are suitable for vegans.

They are in: Cádiz

Greenforchic, because beauty is a reflection of our interior

This Greenforchic company motto ("green to be elegant") is what gives reason for being to its products. Created by a cosmetics lover who worked for years in a multinational company and realized that in the nature there is beauty, it offers a very wide and interesting line of products. In addition, you can choose what your "problem" is (dark circles, stretch marks, wrinkles …) so that they can recommend which natural product interests you the most. It has a team of experts available to advise you according to your skin type.

They are in: San Sebastián

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