Cartoons to instill in children the love of animals

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If you are a mother, father, uncle, brother / sister, surely more than once you have wondered which cartoons are ideal for your little ones. We seek programs Y series of drawings with didactic and educational values; among them, that they teach children to love and respect animals and nature.

Although this list is very personal (and possibly many of our readers could provide other examples) we have produced this collection of cartoons that we find positive for child development. Many of them are starring cute little animals that will immediately be made adored by children and adults.

Peppa Pig

Have you gone to often criticized due to the "poor quality" of his drawings, especially in Spain, as it came in 2010, a time dominated by quality animations and special effects of all kinds. But precisely this simplicity helps children to adapt to all kinds of formats and it is indisputable that, beyond the dedication of the creators in drawing, the values that this series provides are positive for the development of the child.

It is the story of a family, the Pig family, of four people, where the protagonist lives with her little brother and her parents in their home. Talk about neighborhood relationships, characteristics of animals like pigs, and peaceful family life. By watching this series, children will not only love pigs, but will also learn to know the peculiarities of others animals, like ducks, rabbits or turtles.

The films of Mama Mirabelle, the traveling elephant

These films had to be included in the list, because in my childhood, although they did not exist yet, there was a collection of Mama Mirabelle books that we all devoured in class. The animated films of this elephant are also of great quality and perfect for instilling in children a love for animals.

Mama Mirabelle is an elephant who has traveled all over the world and, on her return, teaches her son and his friends (a cheetah cub and a zebra) all her wisdom through her recordings. It is also a very instructive series, which projects images based on the reality of the world, so we could say that it is a mix between a documentary film and some cartoons. In addition, children will better understand the planet, they will know why it is hot and why each animal has different characteristics.

Wonder pets

Wonder pets ("Wonderful Pets") is a cartoon series that talks about a guinea pig, a turtle and a chick, which are the pets of a nursery. It encourages teamwork a lot, since, although they are not the strongest or fastest animals, they soon realize that together they can achieve everything. They are a kind of super heroes who go out to help those in need once the children have gone home. The good thing is that you also learn a lot of world culture, since they travel to many remote places.

Barney the brave dinosaur

"Barney and his friends" tells the story of a cute purple dinosaur (Why not?) And his friends. Your kids will love seeing how much fun this diverse gang is having. Best of all, this series - a little less known in Spain than many others - educates children about manners, ways of relating to other people, traditional culture, colors, shapes and games.

Dora the explorer

Although the main character (the intrepid Dora) is not an animal, the truth is that many little animal friends come out and the teaching she leaves is very positive. Dora, in addition, will have to complete puzzles and various games to reach places, always with her map and her backpack. It teaches children the importance of solving problems, while motivating them to think, to solve, to take out the chestnuts themselves, in short.

Go Diego Go

But, above Dora, I would stick with her variant, a new Serie-continuation that tells the adventures of Dora's cousin, Diego, a little expert in zoology Y animals, which saves wild species while teaching your audience interesting facts about them. Some of the curious animals that appear in the series are: the jaguar, the peregrine falcon, the chinchilla, the Nile crocodile, the three-toed sloth or the llama.

This series is worth signing up for on the list. We would put it in the head of the list if it weren't for the fact that it only aired in the United States and Latin America, although it will be easy to find on the Internet.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street may be a bit old (its first broadcast was no less in 1969), but it is one of the series educational from more enriching television and timeless. It is based on didactic entertainment, it teaches children many things through puppets (some of them are or could be animals, others are not). It is not for nothing that it is the longest running children's program in the entire history of television to this day. Sesame Street has had 44 seasons and 4378 episodes, which may give you a clue about the value of this puppet series for children.

Beyond entertainment, humor and learning important things for the development of children, Sesame Street stands out for its multiculturalism: it not only fosters relationships between animals and people of various races, but also mixes young and old, people with problems and monsters, in a medley of characters, so that children learn that we are all the same.

Heidi, love for animals and the natural world

Heidi is also a series that has been around for years (in fact, they just released the film, too highly recommended, although it is not the same), but it will touch the little ones of today, just as it did to those of our generation. Especially when seeing Heidi's determination to protect and care for her kids (we all remember the tenderness that the girl's love for that "Snowflake" inspired us) and her gesture of grief and astonishment when Niebla, the dog It eats a poor snail that was passing by. Although it is a series "of the old ones", we believe that it is also timeless and that the kids they will learn and enjoy watching it a lot.

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