Money plant care

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As superstitious as it may seem, having a plant that in addition to decorating our home has the supposed mystical property of bring good luck in the economic realm at home money is not bad at all. There is no doubt about its ornamental capacity, but you may be somewhat incredulous about the rest … What less than trying your luck!

Plectranthus Australis is the scientific name of the well-known money plant, a beautiful hanging specimen of thick green leaves that has been decorating the homes of many people for years, and its beauty and its easy maintenance and care make it an ideal plant.

Characteristics of the money plant

The money plant is characterized by its dense foliage and by its very fast reproduction by cuttings, which will mean that in a few days you can have a new seedling to grow (by soaking it for a couple or three days).

How to grow the money plant at home

Regarding the cultivation, this plant of exotic origin needs to be in a well lit place preferably in semi-shade (although it can also be kept in the shade), as it does not tolerate direct sunlight that would eventually dry it out.

The temperature should also be kept at a middle ground: Too hot temperatures above 27º and dry and heated environments would seriously affect the health of the plant, although too cold climates with temperatures below 5º would also do so.

The plant should be watered approximately two or three times in summer and once or twice in winter to keep moisture almost constant required by the plant. You can water it whenever you see it dry, but be careful because excess moisture could also be the cause of fungal diseases.

You can too fertilize the plant every two weeks to ensure your health.

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