Plants and Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is a Chinese art that deals with direct energy so that it flows correctly thanks to placing things in certain ways, such as furniture or plants.

Very important in decoration, you can also apply it to plants to take advantage of all its characteristics much more and that energy also moves better. Keep reading this Green Ecology article to know everything about the plants and feng shui.

How to apply Feng Shui to plants

All plants transmit positive energies and clean the air, which contributes to the flow of chi (a part of Feng Shui), so take note of how to apply Feng Shui to plants to achieve a much better environment:

  • It is very important that you put some plant at the entrance of your house so that as soon as you enter you will find that tranquility that they transmit. If it is a small space you can always put a hanging plant.
  • Use the plants to cover places in the house that are not physically perfect and do not have solid lines, such as a roof that has a slope, a dead space, or any other relief on any wall or floor.
  • When a plant dies, throw it away immediately as you will not be able to revive it and keeping it will only contribute to hinder the flow of energy.
  • Always have some weed anywhere in your home as they are very good for purifying the home. Ideally, you should have at least one lavender plant as it helps to achieve a relaxed and peaceful environment.
  • Avoid specimens that have spines unless you are going to place them next to a window to prevent intruder access. Never put these plants near the front door.
  • The most suitable plants to improve the flow of energy in the home are bamboo, dracaena, lilies, ficus and any hanging plants.

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