Plants for dark or dark environments

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You may think that you have bad luck with the plants because they all die even if you take care of them and water them. But maybe it has nothing to do with bad luck and what happens is that you have a home with dark environments or without light. If you put plants that need light in dark areas it is logical that sooner or later the plants will die.

But do not suffer because nature is wise, and knows that not all places in the world are lucky enough to receive light and for this reason there are plants that you can have in your home or in dark environments or without light. Thus, if you want to decorate your office or a room that hardly receives light because it is an interior, you should not suffer any more, from now on you will be able to enjoy your plants that need little light! Do you want to know some of them?


Begonia is a plant that has a great variety of colors in your home and that also have very beautiful shapes that will help you decorate your home and also enjoy a beautiful plant. If you get a Rex Begonia you can have it for a long time because it will live happily without direct light. Just make sure you do not water it more than necessary so as not to drown it, you will have to water it and let the soil dry and when it is dry, then you can soak it again.

The Mint

The mint plant is a plant that can grow in swamps where there is usually not much light and the environment is very humid. For this reason, mint is a wonderful plant that you can have in your home, you can plant it, enjoy its natural aroma and also use its leaves to enrich your desserts or your infusions. How about preparing a delicious salad with a touch of mint from your own kitchen?

Moss in a terrarium

If you have very little light in your home, you may be able to consider creating a moss terrarium, just you will need humidity and without much light.

Loop plants

The loop plants can also be known as spider plants that are ideal for homes that have little light since they can live perfectly in shady areas and even under artificial light. They are beautiful plants so you can add an elegant touch to your home.

Do you know more plants that are ideal for dark or dark areas in a home?

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