Where to place the plants according to Feng Shui

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Surely today you have heard a thousand times about the Feng shui, although especially in decoration matters. However, this Eastern philosophy also has a lot to do with the plants and at Ecologista Verde we want to bring you closer to it. How? Explaining where you have to place them so that they transmit you peace and energy.

Without a doubt, Feng Shui is very broad and there are different ways to carry it out. However, today we want to give you some keys that we hope will be very useful when deciding in which areas of the house you should place the plants.

The bathroom

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the most negative room According to Feng Shui it is the bathroom so it is highly recommended that you place a plant in this place. However, you will have to change it from time to time, as it is very likely to wilt.

The bedroom

Instead, Feng Shui recommends that no more than two plants are placed in the bedroom and, when sleeping, you must remove them. On the other hand, they are ideal in kitchens and dining rooms to harmonize these types of environments.

Forgotten corners of home

As for the most forgotten corners of the home, the ideal is that you put plants like long leaf palm trees, since they generate a lot of energy.

Regarding the hallways, place leafy zigzag plants to interrupt the rapid movement that the flow of energy can acquire in the corridors. And if you have columns at home, try covering them with plants with rounded leaves to soften the vertical lines that symbolize division.

The office

Finally, it will be great for you to place a plant in the office to renew the energy. The best thing is that you opt for the species that do not have high demands for care and irrigation, since during the weekend they will be unattended. If you have a carpet, place a plant on it.

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