How to decorate Andalusian patios

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If there is something that draws our attention about Andalusia, it is its Andalusian patios, its decoration and style have their own personality. Perhaps you also admire its beauty and want to bring that unique and so Andalusian style to the patio of your home. Today I want to give you some keys that can not be missing in a patio so that it is decorated like the Andalusian patios.

With white background

Although it is true that all colors (especially the most striking) have prominence in Andalusian patios, there is a color that cannot be missing because it will be the background color: white. The patios should be white, and once you have it ready, it can be your best blank canvas to turn it into a great Andalusian patio.


Another element that you cannot miss when you want to decorate an Andalusian patio are the tiles. Depending on what you want to convey or the sensational ones you want to have, it will be necessary for you to choose some tiles or others. Exist of many shades, but if they are light and with soft and neutral tones, much better, because this way you will be enhancing the luminosity and natural brightness that all Andalusian patios have.

Although if what you want is for your Andalusian-style patio to have a somewhat more exotic touch, then bet on tiles with Floral prints, with Arabic designs or with vibrant colors.

Plants, flowers and trees

If you want your patio to be a Andalusian patio total, you can not miss the natural flowers, plants and trees. Forget artificial plants because then you will not have the soul of an Andalusian patio. You must fill your patio with style, with flowers that provide color, with plants that are aromatic and with trees that give you fruit.

You should focus on the plants, flowers and trees that are native to Andalusia so that in this way, it is noticed that it is a totally Andalusian patio even if you live in the north of Spain. Because if you like Andalusian patios, no matter where you live, you can get it if you put your mind to it. Your patio will be like transporting to Córdoba or Seville. If you think about these Andalusian patios, surely you remember a white patio full of aromatic plants such as thyme, jasmine or peppermint and pots hung on the walls and balconies with vibrantly colored flowers. Your patio can be just as romantic and gorgeous!

Rustic style

In Andalusian patios or they may be missing furniture Y accessories that allow you to enjoy your patio whenever you want. To achieve this you can use benches to sit in a rustic style that has wood or that is made of wrought iron. If you want to incorporate decorative elements, you can not miss the elements of stone or from mud. Wine barrels can also be incorporated into your Andalusian patio if you have enough space or the beautiful and famous hemp baskets.

Water in decoration

To achieve an authentic Andalusian patio, you will not be able to forget the most important element for all of us: water. An excellent idea is to put a beautiful fountain in the middle of the patio that transmits peace, serenity and comfort to the whole place. You can also incorporate a well with its characteristic bucket (and water of course).

These are some elements that you cannot miss if you want to decorate your patio and turn it into an Andalusian patio. So whether you live in Andalusia As in any other part of Spain or the world, you already have the keys to having a totally Andalusian patio, full of personality, style and a lot of harmony. Do you already know what is the first thing you will do to decorate you Andalusian patio?

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