The most expensive flowers in the world

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Flowers are not just a sign of beautyThey also bring us closer to nature and both its aroma and its colors make us feel good. The flowers they symbolize passion, life, peace, aromas … and everything you want them to symbolize in your life. If beauty is something fragile and that is why its price usually varies so much between one flower and another.

The most expensive and luxurious flowersThey are those that are very beautiful but that quickly fade and die. Why pay so much for a flower that will die quickly? That is the big question and perhaps the secret of luxury. If you want to know which are the most expensive flowers in the world, do not hesitate to continue reading although you may prefer to see them in the store or in photos and not spend so much money on such a temporary beauty.

Kadupul flower

The flower of Kadupul I have put it first because it is simply priceless. It is such an expensive flower that its price cannot be calculated since it is the most expensive flower in the whole world. It is that expensive because it is unique, rare and very fragile. When this flower blooms, it only lives for a few hours and withers.

This flower is native to Sri Lanka, it blooms at midnight and dies during the night of the next day, for this reason it has a mythical status and the most fetish people of the flowers they consider it attractive, valuable and speculative.

Lily of the valley

Lilies of the valleys They are beautiful bell-shaped flowers that are also nicknamed "tears of the Virgin" for their beauty and their peculiar shape. Lilies of the valley are harvested once a year and bloom during the month of May only. They smell amazing and can even survive a few weeks after being plucked to put in vases.

They are highly admired for their appearance so delicate and pretty, as the bell shape make them really quirky and attractive. Its stem is about 15 or 30 cm high and they are surrounded for 2 hours long, while the flowers reach about 5mm - 10mm in diameter. They are expensive, and also require a lot of maintenance. It can be worth between 15 and 50 dollars / euro the bouquet of flowers.

What do you think of these two flowers? Would you pay what they are worth to have some copies or are you one of the people who thinks that flowers should not be paid for so much money?

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