+30 TYPES of TOMATOES - Names, Characteristics and Photos

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Tomato is one of the most popular and consumed fruits in the world and, in fact, it is used in a large number of dishes of all kinds of cuisines. Its consumption is so widespread that today there are a large number of varieties of this fruit.

Whether you are interested in which varieties to buy or the types of tomato to plant that exist, join us in this Green Ecologist article in which we are going to talk about +30 types of tomatoes.

Kumato tomatoes

Also called black tomato, since both outside and inside it is much darker than a typical one, the kumato it has a very tasty and valued pulp. This is one of the types of tomatoes most valued culinary, both for its taste and its appearance to make original dishes, and is grown in some countries in Europe, Turkey and Canada.

Pear tomatoes

It is also called tomato tear or roman. Its shape is similar to the pear, hence its name, and it has a sweet and smooth flavor. In addition, it has variants:

  • Breton
  • Canary
  • Daniela
  • Muchamiel
  • Alboran
  • Magda
  • Dan-snoring
  • From Montserrat

Raf tomato

This variety was created by crossing other existing varieties to develop a type that was resistant to Fusarium fungus. This variety known as Raf tomato It is green and orange or red, with dark green stripes on the upper part.

Hanging tomato

It is also called tomato of penjar, corsage or mallorquin. They are small in size, with a large amount of juice and a very fleshy pulp. Due to these characteristics, it is one of the types of tomatoes which are basically used to spread bread.

Types of large tomatoes: the beef heart tomato

It is one of the varieties of large tomatoes. It is not uncommon to find specimens weighing more than half a kilo and have a fine skin and a very bright color. The beef heart tomato It is widely used to be stuffed or to make fillings for different types of dishes and to eat in salad.

Types of large tomatoes: the pink Barbastro tomato

This is another of the large tomatoes, or rather considered giants, for reaching weights of half a kilo or even more. It is also known by the name of maiden skin tomato and it has a very striking flavor and texture, since it practically melts in the mouth. However, it is less popular for its appearance, which is not very aesthetic.

Types of small tomatoes: cherry tomatoes

It is one of the varieties of hybrid tomatoes. It has its origin in the Aztec people and they are small, the size of a cherry (hence their name), and very aromatic. They have a large number of varieties and these are some of the types of cherry tomatoes:

  • Cherry pear
  • Zebra cherry
  • Round cherry
  • Cherry pear branch
  • Black cherry
  • Yellow cherry
  • Cherry mini

If you like these varieties of this rich fruit, we recommend this Green Ecologist guide to learn how to plant cherry tomatoes and grow them.

Smooth round tomato

This variety is quite tough skinned, but they are fleshy and contain few seeds. The smooth round tomatoes flavor it is more acidic than other types and they are slightly large in size. It is very common to use it for salads and as a side or garnish in a variety of first and second courses.

Vine tomato

Is named vine tomato to those who appear in a bouquet, to which these fruits are attached to form a chain. They are medium in size, about 40 or 50 grams per piece. These are some of the varieties that can be found like this:

  • Pear branch
  • Hanging
  • Cherry pear
  • Divine branch
  • Orange branch
  • Yellow branch
  • Yellow cherry branch
  • Cherry branch

Types of tomatoes with few seeds: the Moorish tomato

This is grown in many parts of Spain, although those of Aranjuez and Las Pedroñeras are especially recognized, in addition to the limestone Moorish tomato, easy to find in Huete. The Moorish tomato It has a very tight acidity and a sweet taste, very meaty and with lots of juice. Its skin is fine and firm, and it is a very few-seeded variety.

Types of tomatoes with few seeds: the marglobe tomato

The marglobe tomato It is especially used in the preparation of gazpacho, a traditional Andalusian dish. It is medium in size, around 150 grams, rounded and of a very bright red color. It is a kind of tomato with few seedsJuicy pulp with great yield and productivity.

Hybrid tomatoes: the Comanche tomato

This variety stands out because its tomatoes are consumed when her skin is green. It is one of the types of hybrid tomatoes It is usually eaten without skin and is very easy to grow outdoors due to its great resistance.

Andine Cornue

This variety is known for its pepper shape. These are not very large tomatoes, weighing about 100 grams, and have a striking red color. The Andine Cornue tomatoes they are very tasty, aromatic and even very digestive.

Green esquena tomato

It is another of the most used types to be stuffed in kitchen dishes and it is also used fresh in a wide variety of salads. The green esquena tomato gets its name from the fact that the neck of the fruit remains green even when it has reached maturity.

If you liked these types of tomatoes and you want to try their cultivation at home to enjoy them organic and fresh, we recommend this guide from EcologíaVedre on How to grow organic tomatoes.

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