+20 PLANTS with YELLOW FLOWERS - Names and Photos

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Putting plants with showy flowers inside and outside the home is very common and, in fact, it is a great idea to decorate our home and give it a cheerful and natural touch. One of the most vivid colors chosen to decorate gardens, balconies, terraces and any corner of the house is yellow. This color symbolizes joy, illusion and good fortune, among other features. Even if you see some plants with yellow flowers that you like, it is not advisable for you to acquire them without further ado, we recommend you to know their characteristics and care to be able to choose the most appropriate to the conditions of your home. So, if you want to know +20 plants with yellow flowersIn Ecologist Verde we give you a list with the names and photos of each of them.

Yellow tulips

Certainly the tulips o Tulipa They are one of the best known plants in the world and sought after to decorate homes, both to have them planted and in vases. The flowers of these plants are of different colors, There are both of uniform color and mottled or bicolor, and they come out in spring. You can find tulips with yellow flowers, red, white, pink, orange, lilac or purple and white, as well as a combination of these, especially red and yellow and red and white. These are some of the most widely seen bulbous plants, but not many know that there are over 150 species of tulips. These species can be perfect as part of the decoration with yellow flowers for garden or for terraces or patios.

Here you can find out when and how to plant tulips and How to care for potted tulips.

Yellow mimosa

This is another of the yellow flowering plants that you may like for gardens and other outdoor spaces. It is a tree of the legume family, called Acacia dealbata, and commonly as mimosa acacia, Australian acacia, common mimosa, silver mimosa, fine mimosa or French aroma. It has a flowering with many small flowers along the branches, yellow in color and with fine petals that give them a soft appearance.

As it can grow up to 10 or 12 meters tall, we recommend having this tree with yellow flowers outdoors and planted directly in the ground, because although it could grow indoors in the end if it thrives, it is too big. In case you want to enjoy its yellow flowers, you can choose to collect or buy branches with these to decorate in jars or centerpieces.

Yellow lily

You have surely seen these yellow flowers for garden in many of them or in bouquets of flowers. The yellow lilies o Iris pseudacorus They are native to Eurasia but are widespread throughout much of the world. These flowers have large, elongated petals that give them a bell-like appearance with 5 or 6 points and are of an intense color.

The care of this species is not very complicated once some of its main characteristics and needs are known, such as, for example, that they need a lot of water and can even live directly in it. If you want to have these plants with yellow flowers in your home, do not hesitate to consult our article on Growing and caring for the yellow lily.

Yellow daffodils

Although it is a flower that looks quite different from the others that we have seen so far, it is really also very famous. The daffodil or Narcissus It is a genus of plants native to Europe and the Mediterranean area, many species can be found and the flowers of these can vary a lot. Mainly, we can find daffodils with the yellow star shaped flowers with 6 points and an orange center, as in the image, white daffodils with a yellow center and that also have 6 petals but are thinner even those with the most elongated part of the central button, in the shape of a trumpet.

If you are interested in this ornamental plant for your garden, terrace or interior of the house, keep in mind that most species bloom in spring, but some do in autumn. In addition, we recommend these guides on When and how to plant daffodils and Daffodil care.

Yellow flower daisy

There are many types of daisies, but here we talk about the yellow daisy or Euryops pectinatus. Daisies are known worldwide, especially for filling large natural spaces, since some species are ground cover plants. This particular species is somewhat different from the best known, which has white petals and a yellow or orange button. The yellow daisy is this color completely, both its thin and long petals and its central button are the color of the sun, perfect to brighten up gardens and pots.

If you like them a lot and want to add them to your home, here you can consult a simple guide on Daisy Care.


Gazanias have yellow flowers, oranges, red, white, pink and with combinations of these colors. In reality, it is a genus of plants with various species that are widely used for exterior decoration and to prepare bouquets of flowers. For outdoors it is ideal for dry terrain or with high temperatures, as they withstand direct sun very well for a few hours and have good tolerance to drought. In addition, it can bloom throughout the year, although the most powerful flowering is in spring. Its flowers have many petals and some species have them thicker and others thinner.

Gerbera, one of the little-known yellow flowering plants

Although it is quite likely that you have seen it many times, you may not know what flower it is from its name. The gerbera is a plant widely used in decoration by the large number of petals that have their flowers, which can be found in assorted colors, such as yellow, orange, pink, red, and white.

The gerbera is one of the yellow flowering plants, and in other colors, which has a lot of dark green tone leaves and large and that, in addition, has varieties with more or fewer petals or with the largest or smallest flower bud.

You need a lot of ambient light, but it is not convenient for you to receive strong sunlight directly. If you want to know more about the care of the gerbera plant, here we leave you a practical guide.


Broom It is a genus of shrubs, some with yellow flowers and others with white flowers. These types of plants have small and very abundant flowers. As they are shrubs, they are ideal for decorating exteriors, be they gardens or the sides of orchards, as well as public parks. The branches cut into short parts when in full bloom are widely used to form bouquets, corsages and decorative centers.

Learn more about this plant in this other post about Broom in the garden. And if you like bushes with yellow flowers, like the broom, or with flowers of different colors, we recommend you to know these 21 flowering shrubs.

Yellow gladioli

Gladioli are well known for the amount of flowers they make on each stem. These are plants that can grow up to a meter and a half, which grow in temperate climates and bloom between summer and autumn. If you like plants with yellow bell-shaped flowers And in abundance, gladioli can be a very good choice for you. In addition, flowers of the galdiolos they form spikes and can be yellow, but also white, red, purple, purple, and so on.

If you want to have this plant with yellow flowers and other very varied colors, do not hesitate to consult this gardening guide on Caring for gladioli.

Sunflower, the best known yellow flower

The sunflowers Are the plants with yellow flowers par excellence. If someone tells us to say the first flower of this color that comes to mint, most likely, we will respond: sunflower. In addition to being of this cheerful and striking color, these are very curious plants for their variety, size and behavior, since they rotate remarkably to follow the sunlight, hence their name.

If you like them, do not hesitate to read this information on How to sow and plant sunflowers.

Yellow roses

Roses are one of the best known flowers all over the world and, therefore, more commercialized and worked in nurseries. Currently, they exist in a great variety of colors, sizes, number of petals, of different degrees of intensity of their fragrance, and so on. Although the best known color of these flowers is red, there are many more natural and well-known ones, such as yellow, pink and white. Instead, there are shades of blue, green, or almost black that are achieved through selection and modification work in nurseries.

The yellow roses they usually have a meaning related to joy and friendship. If you like these plants and want to have them in your garden, or its smaller version in a pot, here you can consult several Tips for caring for a rose bush.

Rare yellow flowers: the double Chinese rose

It is a type of hibiscus plant that has been modified to have twice the number of petals, so its appearance, although reminiscent of the hibiscus flower, looks much fuller and more wavy. The double china rose can grow to 4 meters tall and its large flowers are yellow, oranges, red or salmon.

The flowering of this plant is not very long, but it is throwing new flowers throughout the spring and all the summer.

Yellow freesias, very fragrant flowers

The freesias, quitapesares, freesias or fresillas They are bulb plants highly valued for their aroma and for the large number of flowers they have, in addition to the variety of colors there are. Among the most common are the freesias with yellow flowers, pink or fuchsia and white, although there are more colors and mixtures of them.

Do not miss this other post about the care of freesias.

Yellow alder

The yellow alder or Turnera ulmifolia It is one of the lesser known yellow flowers to have at home. It grows well in hot, tropical climates, but should not be in direct direct sunlight. In these optimal conditions, it can bloom throughout the year. Its flowers can be yellow, orange or white, which contrast with the intense green of its leaves and they only last one day open.

Canary flower or allamanda

The allamanda, better known as canary flower, is a shrubby plant with yellow bell-shaped flowers or trumpet-shaped. Although the most common is a shrub, currently there are varieties that have been created to be climbers, which are used to place on lattices or fences. It is an ideal plant for outdoors with space and for areas where the sun shines a lot.

Yellow orchids

Who doesn't like orchids? It is one of the most commercialized plants and that we love to have at home for its rare and decorative flowers and roots. There are many types of orchids, and some of the species have flowers in a wide variety of colors, both solid and mixed. One of the yellow flower orchids are the Phalaenopsis and the vanilla orchid. In fact, the phalaenopsis orchid It is the most common to have at home and here you can learn about its needs: Phalaenopsis orchid care.

Yellow chrysanthemum

If you like large flowers with many petalsYou will love chrysanthemums as they look like colorful pompoms. These flowers are very common in decoration and are even widely used for weddings. In addition, there are many varieties: some with more petals, others with fewer and more open petals, etc. There are yellow chrysanthemums and many more colors, such as white, pink, orange, red, and so on. They grow very well in the semi-shade and here you can know the rest of the needs and Care of chrysanthemums.

Hibiscus or yellow hibiscus flower

The Hibiscus, hibiscus, Chinese rose or Jamaica flower It's one of the bushes with yellow flowers, oranges, salmon, red, white and mixed tones that you can have both on the ground and in a somewhat large pot. These plants are also widely used to cover fences.

Hibiscus have large, five-petalled flowers that last a few days open before fading, but in full bloom the plant usually produces a variety of flowers. If you liked this plant, learn about hibiscus care here.

Yellow verbena

The plant called Bidens ferulifolia, which is commonly known as yellow verbena, produces many yellow flowers with an orange center. These flowers have 5 well-differentiated petals, star-shaped. There are many species within the verbenas, but this one in particular, apart from these yellow and orange flowers characteristics, it has very thin leaves. They need to be in full sun and, in fact, they can't stand frost.

Yellow petunia calibrachoa

Petunias They are other of the most seen plants in homes, since they are very easy to care for, they generate a large number of bell-shaped flowers and there are many colors. If you like yellow flowers and this type of plant, we recommend opting for the Yellow petunia calibrachoa, which has flowers somewhat smaller than the surfinia petunia, and learn here about Petunia Care. This particular petunia has a somewhat hanging growth, making it ideal to put in raised planters or hanging pots. You will see that it produces a large number of flowers from spring to even mid-autumn, if you do not live in a very cold area.

Kerria, one of the Japanese yellow flowers

To finish this list of plants with yellow flowers, we want to talk about a little known: the Kerria japonica or kerria. It is another of the bushes that blooms during spring and is yellow in color. Although its main flowering time is spring, it can flower in summer if the conditions are somewhat optimal for it, that is, if it does not receive direct light and heat from the strong summer sun and its soil is kept moist, without flooding and without getting wet. its leaves and flowers. Due to their shape and the type of petals they have, the kerria flowers they look like a mix of roses and chrysanthemums.

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