27 OUTDOOR PLANTS in POT - Names, characteristics and photos

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Decorating the outdoor areas of a house is something that many people love to do, especially fans of gardening and decoration, as well as those who want to improve their own home by adding a touch of nature. To decorate exteriors such as patios, terraces and balconies, you must use flowerpots, which can accommodate a wide variety of plants.

In Green Ecologist we bring you a fairly complete list of all the potted outdoor plants that decorate your gardens, balconies, terraces and patios with taste and without much care. Would you like to take a look at these terrace plants, balconies or any other outdoor area that requires flower pots? Keep reading!

The aspidistra

One of the sturdy outdoor potting plants that recommended for your garden or balcony is the aspidistra. Thanks to its great ability to adapt to all types of climates and its moderate watering needs, it is perfect for those who do not have much time to dedicate to caring for the plants in their home and for gardening novices. It prefers semi-shady places and can also be used, thanks to this, as a houseplant.

Learn more about this plant in this article on Aspidistra care.


Are daisies perennials are resistant outdoor plants for terraces and that fill every corner with color and throughout the year. The aster plant it supports well the continuous exposure to the sun and does not need much care to achieve a continuous and spectacular flowering.

Here you can discover the different types of daisies.

The astilbe

For those who seek easy-care outdoor plants we recommend the astilbe, also known as goat's beard. This plant does not require much care and withstands inclement weather well. In addition, during the summer some really beautiful flowers bloom that will decorate your balcony and terrace with an elegant and unique touch.

The azalea

The azalea is one of the terrace plants most popular as they feature evergreen if properly maintained. In addition, it has an abundant flowering. In fact, the leaves are rarely seen during this period.

It needs continuous watering in a cool environment to promote its growth. We also recommend that you do not water them with hard water or lime. In this link you will learn more about the characteristics and care of the azalea plant.

The bamboo

This plant can also be grown in a pot and used on terraces to get a natural shade, offering your home that touch of privacy you want. In addition, one of the properties that make bamboo a perfect plant for terraces and gardens is that it protects the land from weeds. The bamboo care They are simple and do not need much sun to grow.

Discover different types of bamboo and How to care for a bamboo with these guides from Green Ecologist.

The dragon's mouth

The Antirrhinum majus It is a plant typical of the Mediterranean climate so it withstands direct sunlight very well, so it is one of the plants for sunny balconies most used. However, it cannot bear frost. The Dragon mouth It has a long flowering time that ranges from spring to autumn. It also has a wide range of colors ranging from white to red.


One of the peculiarities of this shrub, boxwood, is that the more we can its branches the smaller its leaves will become. They are widely used to create hedges and perform topiary. Therefore it is one of the outdoor plants for small pots most used, since both in summer and winter its leaves offer an intense and very striking coloration; green in spring and orange in fall.

We tell you all about the care of potted boxwood here.


Although we are used to seeing bougainvillea or bougainvillea as climbing plants, typical of lattices and porches, we can also grow it in a pot if we guide it with a tutor or even use it as one of the outdoor plants for hanging pots. In addition to being very resistant to the sun, it does not need much care. Even so, it is very important that you make sure to protect it from frost.

We advise you to take a look at these articles on Caring for bougainvillea and How to prune a bougainvillea in a pot.

The Carnation

The Carnation is one of the most popular flowers on terraces, patios and gardens of the entire Mediterranean area. This flower of cheerful colors that go from white to red, even through yellow and orange, is able to withstand direct sun even during summer, hence it is used not only for its ornamental value and aroma, but also for its basic care that makes it easy for our home to always look full of life.


This is another of the most popular terrace plants or other outdoor areas where you need to use a pot. It is a exotic plant Due to its mixture of intense colors such as yellow, red, orange or pink, it is widely used to create magical and tropical environments on terraces, balconies and gardens. The canna plant It is native to South America and has a truly spectacular flowering.


With a long flowering that goes from the beginning of summer to almost the end of autumn, the dahlia is one of the patio plants They need, in addition to the sun, to be protected from the wind, hence they are used as a decoration point in these limited places. Its flowers can be from red, pink and even white. In addition, they are a considerable size so they have a great ornamental value.

Here you can find out everything about Dahlia care.


This plant from South Africa is one of the sun resistant potted outdoor plants. What's more, its flowers also perfectly withstand direct sunlight. The gazania flowers They come in colors like oranges, yellows, reds, whites, and even pinks. In addition, it requires very little care and you can find out here: Gazania care.


Geraniums They are one of the plants for sunny balconies and terraces most popular and used to decorate and create environments of pure Mediterranean style. They bloom throughout the year without the need for great care and have flowers in pink, white and even reddish tones.

Here you can learn about 23 types of geraniums and Geranium Care.

The gerbera

The gerbera It is a plant that despite giving beautiful flowers needs to be transplanted at least every two years to favor its flowering. It does not need many doses of irrigation, but it does need direct light. A tip is that during the cold months do not fertilize it and reduce watering to avoid diseases or weaken by frost.

In this other post you will see more information about the care of the gerbera plant.


Although they do not need direct sun, it is recommended that it be located in an illuminated area so that the coloration of its leaves remains an intense green color. It is also important that they have a moist soil and that it is planted in a pot with holes to ensure good drainage. The ferns They do not need much care and are very showy to be used both on balconies, terraces and even gardens, that is why they are one of the potted outdoor flowering plants most wanted.

Here we show you the destinations Types of ferns and here we talk about Caring for ferns.


Hydrangea It is a perfect plant for those places of outside where sunlight does not reach directly. It prefers acidic and humid soil and, in addition, this plant is very resistant, so you can enjoy its flowers for many years without the need for specific or complex care.

Here you can learn about Hydrangea Varieties and Hydrangea Care.


Although this type of shrub-like plants can reach 5 m in height can be planted in a pot without any problem. They only need to be in an area where sunlight reaches them directly and prune it during spring to favor flowering; right at the beginning of summer. The hibiscus flowers They are tropical in appearance, large and brightly colored.

In this other post you will see all the Hibiscus or Hibiscus Care.


Lavender is undoubtedly one of the aromatic plants best known for its particular and intoxicating aroma. Also, this is another of the potted outdoor plants perfect, because its lilac flowers, even though they are small, decorate any area with elegance and simplicity.

They do not need direct sun, they are very resistant to frost and it is enough for them to water them only a couple of times a week. We recommend you see the 12 types of lavender that there are and learn more about the care of the potted lavender plant here.


In addition to its beautiful flowers, honeysuckle will give a personal scent to your open spaces, either on terrace like a gardened area.

Are terrace plants They need to be protected from direct sunlight, but they are very grateful since they require little care for their rapid growth and flowering throughout the year. We tell you more about the cultivation and care of honeysuckle here.


Native to Oceania and Asia and also known as flower of the Passion. It is one of the most valued plants for its beautiful brightly colored flowers and for reaching a height of up to 7 meters. The only thing you need to know is that you should not water it too much and always keep it in a zone of mild temperature.

The thoughts

This plant, despite not being very resistant, surprises with its more than striking flowering during autumn and much of winter. The appearance that we will achieve in our garden, terrace or balcony is that of a strange, but permanent spring thanks to the coloring of its flowers.

The thought plant It does not need much maintenance, so it is perfect for beginners in gardening. Here we tell you more about the Care of the thought flower.


Another of the perfect plants to have in pots and outdoors are petunias. These withstand the sun and high temperatures without the need for high doses of irrigation. In addition, they bloom throughout the year and their trumpet-shaped flowers can be of very different colorations, from pink, red, purple and even white.

To promote growth and flowering petunias We recommend that you place them in an area where it is exposed to sunlight and that has soil that remains well drained. These are the care of complete petunias.

The rosemary

Is aromatic plant typical of the Mediterranean is perfect to grow in a pot as an outdoor plant for your home or garden. In addition, you can take advantage of the potted rosemary plant to always have a little on hand to give a touch to your dishes.

It does not need continuous watering and prefers sunny places. If you want to know more about How to care for a potted rosemary plant, here you can see a guide.

The Rose

The queens of every garden are, without a doubt, the roses. These plants always related to elegance and romance are very resistant to the sun and heat despite their delicate appearance. We recommend choose which type of rosebush is best suited to the needs of our outdoor area, since not all require the same care to promote flowering.

Here you can learn about How to care for a potted rose bush.

The tulip

This flower so characteristic and with such striking colors, such as yellow, pink or orange, is perfect for decorate windows and balconies during its flowering season. What's more, the tulips They resist well once cut, so you can make perfect centerpieces and bouquets to brighten up any celebration.

Discover the 10 types of tulips and How to care for potted tulips with these guides.


Other aromatic plant and used in the kitchen that we can grow in pot and use it as an outdoor plant. The thyme flowers They are mauve in color, although small they are very simple and elegant. In addition, they give off a very peculiar rich aroma. The potted thyme It is a necessary acquisition if you have decided to have your own urban garden.

Here you will find all the Thyme Care.

The verbena

Finally, we want to talk to you about these flowers that need little water and sunny places so that their flowering during the months between spring and fall. The verbena plant flowers, although small they give a lot of life to the outdoor spaces.

We recommend that you water them daily while they are in flower. However, in winter with watering twice a week the plant will continue to grow and in good condition. Learn more about verbena plant care here.

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