Natural wooden, mud, straw or bamboo houses

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It is not necessary to be a great builder to build a natural house, it is enough to have certain skills and ask for help from associations and groups that promote the construction of ecological natural houses. Natural houses are made of wood, mud, straw or bamboo, all kinds of materials to reduce the environmental and economic impact of building conventional houses based on bricks and cement.

Keep reading this Green Ecologist article if you want to know how to build natural houses made of wood, mud, straw or bamboo.

Advantages of building natural wooden houses

The main advantages of building a wooden house are:

  • Low cost.
  • It requires little energy.
  • It requires simple tools for its production.
  • It takes more care of the environment than constructions with materials such as cement and concrete.

In addition, wood, despite being a structure based on a natural material, is stronger than steel and concrete. When we have it ready, inside we can see healthier and more comfortable environments since wood absorbs and expels moisture.

Anyway, of course, you have to take into account a number of factors to build a sustainable home and ecological, such as the following points:

  • The climatic conditions of the place where we live.
  • The orientation according to what we are looking for.
  • Types of renewable energy that can be used in this type of construction, depending on the design we choose.
  • Use sustainable plant species, always local, for the garden, terrace or balconies and windows, and especially if we put a vegetable garden.
  • Study the best irrigation systems, one of the most recommended being the home drip irrigation system.
  • Systems to recycle and reuse water.
  • The style and aesthetics that we want for our home.
  • All the necessary permits to do this type of construction in the area we want.

Houses with natural elements, the key to sustainable construction

For many, natural houses are a return to the past, but for others it consists of a sustainable construction. Since time immemorial, houses began to be built with mud and straw. Even in the 21st century, some countries continue to use these materials to build habitable houses.

In the United Kingdom, an estimated 100,000 mud and straw houses. While in Norway they are already planning to build the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world, with no less than 17 floors.

Build houses with bamboo

Another increasingly fashionable material is the bamboo, ideal to build a natural home and to fight against climate change, since can absorb carbon dioxide.

Its growth in plantations is fast (4 years) and its characteristics are perfect: durable, flexible, strong and lightweight. Its use in various eastern countries has made it one of the most widely used building materials in the world.

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