Anti-crisis house: prefabricated, small and sustainable

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Macy Miller's charming little house measures no more than 18 square meters, but it has everything, from the living room to your kitchen, your bathroom, bedroom or your small porch, as well as an interesting back story and sustainable materials. It only cost him $ 11,000, about 8,500 euros.

In this prefabricated house he lives with his partner and dog, with no other expense than the rent of the plot, located in Idaho, in the United States. Therefore, it can be said that you have achieved your goal: a modern and comfortable home that meets your needs without involving an unaffordable expense. Next we will talk about the anti-crisis house: prefabricated, small and sustainable.

Green toilet

The ecological side It has been one of the most careful aspects, especially in the bathroom, where the toilet uses very little water while transforming waste into compost as there is no septic tank.

Otherwise, take advantage of natural light wonderfully and the module has been built with completely sustainable materials in less than two years thanks to the help that the young woman had from her boyfriend and her father. After a drawer or module that makes up the entire house, partitions were created for the different rooms.

Macy explains that he has managed to gain space, his main problem, taking advantage of any dead space to place furniture for storage, such as cupboards or drawers. Of course, to be more sustainable, the house would have to have renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or others, a future project that could not enter the tiny initial budget.

How did the idea come about

It was designed by Miller herself, an American architect who finished suffering from foreclosure, that is to say, an eviction of his previous home, a house of 230 square meters. Neither short nor lazy, studied, designed and documented what was necessary to build a modular home from scratch, with the fantastic results shown in the images.

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