How to build a tree house

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They are perfect to escape the madding crowd, to listen to the murmur of natural life or your own thoughts, which is no small thing. And, of course, to children and adolescents, have a cabin in a tree it allows them to enjoy a magical place where they can live incredible adventures or, simply, where they can spend wonderful moments of leisure.

Such is the charm of the little houses built on a tree, the reason for their success, but building them can be a real headache, especially if we are not very handy and we jump into the challenge without having some clear basic ideas.

What do we have to know to address it without fulfilling our dream become a nightmare? In this post we give you some fundamental guidelines in this regard, either to decide to do it (according to our possibilities) or for the opposite, that is, to abandon the idea because it is unfeasible.

Imagination, illusion and skill

While it is true that imagination and the delusion They help a lot in this type of project, and that the result can be from a modest plank floor to a complex finish, and even luxurious (some are rented as accommodation), it is also true that skill is needed to carry them out.

Indeed, even the simplest tree houses require a series of requirements that are not always easy to meet. First of all, we need to choose the right place, and this is not always easy. A garden or land of our own in which we have a sufficiently grown tree, although there are people who build them in Public spaces, from wild natural areas to urban parks.

When we have chosen the place (we do not recommend the second for obvious reasons) we have to make sure that the branches are resistant, enough to support the weight that we are going to carry.

Ideally, choose a tree of a suitable species for this use, preferring, for example, a pine to a fig tree. Other tips are: never use more than one tree for support or too high and try to build it as close as possible to the same fork of the tree.

If you do not have a tree and you dream of having a house of this type, a useful option is to build it on poles. wood or think about the possibility of doing camping in trees with hanging tents.

Drawings, materials and tools

Once done located the place, you have to apply yourself well so that your skill achieves a result faithful to your plans. It is important to do them, even if they are very basic. Sometimes a simple sketch on paper is enough if we don't have high aspirations.

What are you not a handyman? Then seek help or, if you do not feel capable, better leave the draft, as it has a certain degree of complexity and danger. You may not be able to build a mansion, but you can do something small. In these cases, you will be interested to know that the easiest model to carry out is the triangular one and that you start with the ground or base to mount the rest on it, although we can also leave it bare, without further stories.

Choose treated pine wood or another that allows a good screwedAs well as getting the essential tools and material (wood, sheets, hinges, rope with the appropriate thickness, saw, automatic screwdrivers, paints, hammers, pliers, drilling machine, saws or handsaw, sandpaper and a ladder) are other tips for beginners. And finally, safety must be our concern at all times, both during construction and when enjoying it.

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