Portland, America's greenest city

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U.S It is one of the countries that pollutes the most in the world and one of those that does the least to reverse the situation. But within the country there are pockets that respect the environment. This is the case of the largest city in the state of Oregon, in the northwest of the country, Portland. This city of just over half a million inhabitants is an example of an environmentally responsible policy.

Replanning the city

Developing a policy separate from the one set by the United States federal government, the city of Portland is developing a policy that seeks rethink the city from a point of view of the sustainable use of its resources and a management that takes into account the environment. First, public transport was strengthened to give its citizens an alternative to the indispensable car. Thus, a line of trams and buses was created that feed with biodiesel, in addition to several bike lanes.

Some public transport, both in the center and in the outskirts, is free. If there is something difficult for an American, it is to leave the car parked at home. But in Portland, more and more people are doing it.

Struggling with pollution

In addition, trying to reduce pollution as much as possible, it was invested so that the official cars of the city did not emit harmful gases. Refering to construction, the construction of durable and sustainable buildings, with minimal environmental impact: buildings with green roofs and walls, full of plants, were erected, thus increasing the insulation capacity and, therefore, great energy savings. Renewable and clean energies have also been developed in homes and businesses.

The future of Portland

In general, Portland has rethought all facets of the city to make it a green city. Improved Water management, green spaces were increased and their maintenance was modernized, efficient waste management was created, the use of renewable energies was promoted, and even urban gardens were developed.

Finally, a campaign is being carried out not to use single-use plastic bags and to change them for reusable bags. Any city that puts its mind to it can follow in Portland's footsteps. Of course, both the mayor and the citizens have to support the idea.

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