How to CARE for the ECOSYSTEM - 11 actions and tips

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What must be done to avoid the destruction of the ecosystem? Asking ourselves this question is something that should really concern us, since if we have reached it it is because ecosystems are being deteriorated, mainly due to anthropic activities. The services and raw materials that ecosystems provide make possible the development of the economy and life to which human beings are accustomed, but these services and these raw materials are being overexploited, so there is an urgent need to ask ourselves, what can we do? do to save ecosystems and implement measures to conserve them.

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Protection of biodiversity

One of the first measures to conserve an ecosystem or the environment in general is to protect those habitats that harbor great biodiversity, since they are usually exploited due to the large amount of ecosystem resources they provide. Laws must be implemented that consider the alteration or modification of these as a criminal offense. protected ecosystems, thus ensuring the preservation of the flora and fauna that inhabit them.

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Control of illegal trafficking of species

The illegal trafficking of species is a very serious problem, since the introduction of a species into a habitat other than its own causes a alteration in ecosystem biodiversity in which it has been introduced, and may even cause the displacement or disappearance of native species. A tightening of the laws can stop the illegal trafficking of species thus helping the conservation of native species.

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Deforestation control

The great deforestation as a consequence of overexploitation of wood and intensive agriculture destroys ecosystems and their biodiversity. A solution could be a correct coordination between the policies of the timber industry, the agricultural sector, spatial planning and forests.

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Use of renewable energy

The use of renewable energy, What solar energy or wind energy, can be an alternative to using fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil to generate energy. It is no longer only a problem that fossil fuels are running out, but their burning is a major source of pollution, contributing to the deterioration of ecosystems. However, renewable energies are cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Water regulation

Another point to consider for take care of the ecosystem, both terrestrial and aquatic, is the water regulation. Water is a highly valued asset and exploited by industries and agricultural and livestock activities. In addition to the fact that this resource is being depleted, the effects of climate change and pollution are deteriorating the quality of the water, making it more difficult to obtain. Policies are necessary to regularize the use of this resource, since without water there is no life.

Reduce overfishing and high meat consumption

A balanced, plant-based diet can help stop large non-organic meat productions and overfishing. In addition, it is necessary to implement laws that regulate these activities. Overfishing causes the depletion of fishing grounds and this can alter the trophic chain of many marine species, and on the other hand, extensive livestock requires large areas of territory. Normally, to obtain these territories, forests are deforested, thus destroying ecosystems and their biodiversity.

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Use of public transport or bicycle

The excessive use of private transport is causing, not only a deterioration of the atmosphere due to all the pollutants emitted, but also the increase in the use of fossil fuels, which, as we know, are not renewable and are running out.

With the use of public transport and bicycles we can reduce air pollution and the use of fossil fuels. We must seriously consider, how many of the times we use the car or the motorcycle to get around, are they really necessary? There are times when we use the car for short trips and, furthermore, we end up spending more time finding parking than if we had chosen to walk.

Soil protection

The land is constantly deteriorated due to the changes of use that it undergoes to allocate the spaces to urban extension, agriculture, livestock, mining, among other activities. Only with policies that regulate land use its loss and deterioration can be avoided or minimized.

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Waste reduction

Much of the waste produced ends up contaminating natural spaces, but the problem is not only that, but to produce the products that have generated this waste, large amounts of natural resources have been extracted.

The exploitation of waste is increasing due to our consumer lifestyle and overpopulation. Therefore, in order to reduce waste generation you must opt for a circular economy and carry out activities based on reuse, reduction and recycling.

End planned obsolescence

In general electronic devices have implemented the obsolescence programThis means that the products have the useful life that the producer wants them to have. In this way, the consumer is forced to have to change electronic devices every so often. To end this, as a consumer we have the responsibility to choose products free of planned obsolescence.

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Ecological production

The production of most of the products we use is made with non-ecological materials, since in general there is a great abuse of plastic and, therefore, an overexploitation of resources to manufacture it. Policies are needed that prohibit the use of disposable plastic, as well as others that force companies to produce ecologically.

Why it is important to take care of ecosystem resources

Among the resources that ecosystems provide us are animals, plants, minerals, water, soil, energy and weather, among others. Human beings use them to make it possible for all the economic processes that make life possible on Earth as we know it.

Therefore, the deterioration and absence of ecosystem services would not only cause the population a slump, but also one that would eventually end people's lives not having enough resources to satisfy the main vital needs.

Of course, apart from the side that affects people, we must also take into account that it is very important protect and care for the ecosystem, both terrestrial and aquatic or mixed, for the living beings themselves and by own Earth health, aspects that have their intrinsic value. Without we are destroying ecosystems and, therefore, with their living beings of all kinds, we end up harming the planet and also our species.

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