The best dog breeds for children

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Many children ask their parents for a dog. Before deciding whether to grant the wish to the little one, it is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages of having a pet at home, as well as analyze the family's way of life. For example, if you live in a small apartment and no one is going to have time to take the dog out, it is better not to indulge the child.

Of course, the benefits are diverse and of a very different kind. Having the company of a dog is healthy, as it reduces stress and anxiety and improves self-esteem (thus, indirectly, it prevents headaches and abdominal pain, appetite alterations or skin problems). From the point of view of education it has many advantages: children are less aggressive and achieve psychological well-being; furthermore, they grow up with a sense of usefulness and motivation.

Other advantages are boosting the sociability of the child, since it is usually spoken with other dog owners when walking, or providing a link with reality to improve emotional stability, developing positive feelings such as acceptance and respect for other living beings and a love without prejudice or conditions. Find out in this Green Ecologist article the best breed of dogs for children.

List of dog breeds for children

But, once the decision has been made to acquire a pet for the children of the house, the question that many parents ask themselves is, what are the dog breeds that best relate to children? Next, we present the most babysitting dogs:

  • Labrador retriever: He is affectionate, friendly and easy to educate. They act as a guide for the blind and are used as therapy after a disaster.
  • Collie: he has a lot of family instincts and a sense of ownership. It is the breed of the famous Lassy from TV. He is a good guardian, but you have to keep in mind that he has a lot of personality. Protect and take care of children with care. But you need fresh air. He is not happy in a city apartment, he needs activity.
  • Golden retriever: It is docile and calm and can adapt to living in a house, although we must not forget that all dogs, even the most urbanites, need to exercise. He is sociable, intelligent and caring.
  • Beagle: he is cheerful, patient and docile. He never tires of playing with children. It should be noted that he is stubborn and patience must be exercised in his upbringing.
  • Boxer: it is a breed that adores children and would be capable of doing anything to protect them. It serves as a guard dog and as a companion for children.
  • German shepherd: it is one of the most versatile breeds. It is convenient, yes, that children grow up with the puppy that will be their pet. Then the dog will become your best friend and your greatest protector. They will become inseparable. It is not a suitable dog for a flat: if it needs to play it will not hesitate to destroy the furniture in the house.
  • Saint Bernard: He is good-natured, peaceful, loyal and adores children. But you have to bear in mind that you need a lot of physical space to live and a lot of care.

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