Ecological wood burning stoves and fireplaces - Get to know them!

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The eco-design of stoves and fireplaces lands in your home to give you warmth and comfort in a sustainable way. There are few things that give more warmth and atmosphere than a wood stove. Do not give up on it and bet on ecological wood stoves and fireplaces that, in addition to giving heat, take care of the environment. Ecodesign is part of the regulations that affect solid fuel stoves and that must have an efficiency of more than 75% and a CO2 emission of less than 0.12%. Do you want to know more about ecological wood burning stoves and fireplaces? At Ecologista Verde we tell you where to buy them and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Where to buy eco-friendly wood burning stoves and fireplaces

Comfort and warmth in a responsible and environmentally friendly way: this is the purpose of ecological wood stoves and fireplaces. But where to buy them? The best option to get an ecological wood stove or fireplace, without a doubt, is to go to specialized online or physical stores.

In any specialized store you will find a wide catalog with all the options of ecological fireplaces and wood stoves to select the one that best suits your needs. Classic, modern or contemporary designs, with or without fan, corner, metallic … The options are varied and from the hand of the best professionals you can choose the perfect stove or fireplace for you.

How to choose an ecological stove or fireplace

Green wood burning stoves and fireplaces are an efficient and affordable way to heat your home in an environmentally responsible way. What should you take into account when choosing an ecological stove or fireplace? Mainly, it should attend to your needs. Are you going to use it as main or supplementary heating? Having the answer clear, you should look at the performance and power of the wood stove before betting on one or the other.

The ecodesign stoves and fireplaces they usually have a yield from 75% of the heat capacity per firewood burned. There are different ecological models that can have more performance and, therefore, be more efficient. Your choice for one or the other will depend on the utility that is given to the stove or fireplace, depending on your real heating needs.

On the other hand, you must take into account the volume of heating. This is important when determining the surface area of the stove or fireplace to fulfill its function of heating the environment. In this sense, we recommend you measure the space you want to heat by multiplying length by width. A) Yes, according to space you can choose:

  • Small ecological wood stove: if the space is less than 140 square meters.
  • Medium ecological wood stove: if the space goes from 140 to 200 square meters.
  • Large ecological wood stove: in case the space to be heated is greater than 200 square meters.

Ecodesign offers you a wide range of ecological stoves and fireplaces, designed and thought to offer you a quality service in a sustainable way and respecting the environment. Find yours!

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