The Green Shopping Guide of the Sants - Montjuïc district is now available

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  • The guide currently includes 44 shops where you can find organic, local, bulk, fair trade or reusable products.
  • Most are concentrated in the Sants, Hostafrancs and Poble Sec neighborhoods.
  • It can be consulted on the websites of the Asociación Vida Sana y Rezero.

The current crisis has served to highlight the importance and role of local commerce, but it is necessary for consumers to know what conscious consumption options they have at home. If the way out of the crisis is also to be with social and environmental justice, it is necessary to give people tools to incorporate more sustainable forms of consumption into their lives.

The current consumption model, which is based on use and disposal, convenience, speed, over-packed and disposable plastics, has had great environmental, economic and health impacts, as well as an inordinate generation of waste. . There are many evidences that demonstrate the unsustainability of this system, the most serious of which is the climate crisis in which we find ourselves.

The Green Shopping Guide of the Sants-Montjuïc districts includes food stores, wineries and wineries, hygiene and cosmetic stores, fashion and accessories, herbal stores, dietetics, pharmacies, bulk stores, stores specialized in zero waste, in addition to other types of shops such as hardware stores, hairdressers or stationery stores. The Guide is aimed especially at citizens who, as consumers, have the power to decide what and how you consume. In addition, it contains information on the steps to follow to advance the zero waste boss and alternatives to the current consumption model.

The Comerç Verd initiative has already been developed in other neighborhoods of Barcelona, as well as other towns in Catalonia. Local stores that meet one or more of these requirements can enjoy the Comerç Verd distinctive:

  • Bulk sale.
  • Sale of local or fair trade products: Proximity is understood to be the products produced in Catalonia and fair trade products that have the Fair Trade Seal.
  • Sale of ecological products that have certification such as food, cosmetics, textiles, cleaning products, etc.
  • Sale of reusable products or with returnable containers that facilitate the reduction of disposable waste and energy and water savings.

The Guide can be consulted on the websites of the Asociación Vida Sana and Rezero. In addition, itineraries through each of the neighborhoods, Sants, Hostafrancs and Poble Sec, have been incorporated into the Barcelona + Sustainable map of the Barcelona City Council, so that residents can discover and visit the Comerç Verd that are closest to them.

The preparation of the Guide is part of the project "Promotion of sustainable commerce in the Sants-Montjuïc district" of the Asociación Vida Sana y Rezero with the support of the Impulsamos que Haces program of the Barcelona City Council.

The Healthy Life Association is a non-profit organization declared of public utility that since 1981 is dedicated to promoting organic farming, healthy eating and responsible consumption as the basis for a more just and environmentally friendly society.

Rezero - The Prevention of Waste and Consumption Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been searching for new solutions for more than 15 years to extend the life of products and materials, facilitating their reuse and eliminating the generation of household waste, with the aim of achieving a society zero residual.

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