The planet and its fight against man: ecology projects to save the environment

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According to a study published by The Guardian, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, human beings barely represent 0.01% of all living beings that inhabit the earth. A piece of information that helps us to obtain a general perspective on the weight that man should have on the environment.

However, and going to the same study mentioned previously, since the beginning of civilization man has been in charge of making 83% of the animals disappear wild. Its impact also goes much further. And it is that we also found important effects on plants, having caused the disappearance of more than 50% of them.

Despite this scenario, in recent months new projects have been breaking in which, thanks to the good impact on the planet, herald a new period in which care for the environment and awareness of sustainability are consolidated as the two main axes on which to structure all our future actions. Next, in Green Ecologist, we indicate four of the most relevant ecology projects to save the environment.

These are the projects that advocate for the care of the environment that you should know

Kimbino green

Kimbino bursts in as one of the more innovative and effective proposals What can we find. Its objective is to deal with the environmental impact produced by paper printing and, for this, it has designed a platform that brings together the catalogs of products and offers from the main businesses around the world.

From the same website, the user can check the prices and existing promotions on their favorite products. And all this regardless of the sector: the platform allows you to filter both by category and by location. Making sure that the content you display is relevant to the visitor.

In addition, it offers interesting proposals for highlight certain content to the advertiser. A unique opportunity to guarantee our visibility while renouncing the effects of deforestation.

The first zero emissions brewery in Spain

The heineken brand It is known worldwide for making one of the most consumed beers in the world. Currently, the company is immersed in positioning itself as the greenest beer brand on the planet. And, for this, they work with a program focused on helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Among the different actions they carry out, is the inauguration of the first beer factory with zero CO2 emissions from Spain. Being, in addition, the largest in Europe. This plant only produces products with renewable energy. The objective is that in 2022 production increases and that in the medium term all of its products can be manufactured in factories of this nature.

Sky Geens and vertical cultivation

One of the sectors most committed to sustainability, ecology and caring for the environment is that of feeding. We found different related projects that are worth highlighting.

However, among all of them, Sky Greens is one of the main ones. Based on this, a paradigm shift is proposed in the field of cultivation, betting on growing vegetables vertically. For this, a closed water hydraulic system is used that allows to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides by 25%.

Eco Cycle, an initiative of Nudie Jeans

Eco Cycle It is one of the initiatives that are being carried out in the fashion sector. Its objective is clear: increase the useful life of our jeans. And, for this, it has inaugurated a free repair project at a global level. In it, we can carry out any type of repair that is necessary to be able to continue wearing our pants even when they have suffered a mishap. Avoiding the need to buy new ones.

As can be seen, there are many projects that draw a very hopeful perspective. Internalize some habits of responsible consumption that help to conserve the planet, key to ensuring our well-being.

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