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Recycling properly is the first point to walk through life with an ecological conscience. Although, fortunately, there are more and more households that integrate it as a mandatory domestic measure and that integrate the philosophy of the 3Rs of ecology, there are still people who have doubts about how to distribute waste. With this little guide, you will no longer hesitate when you have to distribute them.

Broadly speaking, we have to separate the garbage into several groups that we will explain to you in the following EcologiaVerde article about where to recycle those waste that we do not know where they go.

Organic container (gray or brown)

The organic trash, the one that breaks down, which are basically:

  • The food
  • Eggshells
  • Food scraps
  • Fruit peels

Blue container

The paper and cardboard, without remnants of other material, such as plastic. Are here:

  • Egg cartons
  • Paper
  • Shoe boxes
  • Cardboard boxes

If you put it in a plastic bag, empty it in the bucket first or use paper bags for storage.

Yellow container

The plastic:

  • Water bottles
  • Packaging

In this container are also the metal objects:

  • Deodorant cans
  • Aluminum or soda cans

That you can fold for better storage.

Green container

The glass, however, in many cities, is separated between dark and clear glass (a bottle of wine would be the clear and one of beer the dark one). Jars of jam and perfumes will also go here.

Clean point

Items to be taken to a special point (clean point), What:

  • Electronic devices
  • Batteries
  • Oil
  • Medicines

They are very polluting and should never be mixed with organic waste.

Reject container: green or gray

We can integrate another type of garbage that cannot be recycled nor included in any other for elements such as ash or hair. These containers are usually more difficult to find, although you will surely find them if you do a little digging.

However, especially for those who have just arrived in the exciting world of recycling, it is normal that some doubts arise with some everyday waste.

To which container should the following waste be destined?

In which container is it thrown …

  • In which container is the tetrabrik thrown away: Although the exterior is cardboard, it must go to the yellow container; to the plastic one. This is so because it has an inner lining (in addition to the plug) that makes it unsuitable to be processed together with the cardboard.
  • In which container are the containers for storing meat, fish or vegetables thrown away: These containers are usually made of plastic, so they would go in the yellow container, although some of its parts can be made of paper and cardboard (such as the tray that usually covers the pre-cooked food that we order in Chinese restaurants and others). It is easy to differentiate its different parts, you just have to look at the type of material.
  • In which container is the wood thrown: it is recycled together with the plastics, in the yellow container.
  • In which container is the cork thrown away: Although in ecologiaverde.com you will find a thousand practical ways to reuse them, if you throw them away, you must do it in the yellow container.
  • In which container are the toothpaste tubes thrown: all those tubes that we have at home and in the bathroom (such as the one for condensed milk or mayonnaise) go in the plastic container.
  • In which container are tin cans thrown away: for example, of mussels or tuna. Rinse them well so there are no organic residues and throw them in the yellow container. All those metal wrappers (such as cans of olives) will also go in this container.
  • In which container the aluminum foil is thrown: Although this material should not be used in abundance, you should know that everything that is made of aluminum (such as containers) and the same wrapping paper also go to the yellow container.
  • In which container are the lids of the glass jars thrown?: like the jam jar, being glass it will go in the green container but do not forget to remove its lid, which, being metal or plastic, will have to be placed in the yellow container.
  • In which container is the ceramic thrown away: for example, the curd jar. Although you can easily use it as a pencil holder, to store your hairpins or chargers, etc., if you have to throw it away, do it in the reject container; that of organic waste. It is impossible to process it in any of the others.
  • In which container is very dirty paper or cardboard thrown away: For example, if a cardboard container is very full of sauce and you cannot clean it, you should send it to the organic waste bin, although it is a shame because it will be cardboard that will no longer be recycled. Also the paper that we use in the bathroom, the very dirty napkins, the plasters or panty liners, must go to the waste or residue (gray).
  • In which container are the bulbs thrown: you have to take them to a special point, it is not enough to throw them into the glass because they have mercury.
  • In which container are mirrors thrown: they cannot be thrown into the green container because they contain lead. We must inform ourselves where the closest clean point to our home is to take them.
  • In which container the clothes and fabric are thrown- Old clothes have no place in any of these containers. To do this, you can take it to associations that collect textiles for the most disadvantaged, to a special container, or reuse it to make your own clothes. The excess will go to a clean point.
  • In which container is the cotton thrown away: for example, make-up remover cotton pads. They should go to the organic or, better yet, to that reject container where we will also store sweeping powder, compresses, cigarettes or diapers.
  • In which container is the cooking oil thrown away: store the used one and take it to a specific point for oil.
  • In which container the stickers and stickers are thrown: Unfortunately, they cannot be recycled. It must go to the reject container.
  • In which container the dog poop is thrown- There are ways to reuse dog droppings to reuse as garden compost or plants. However, they need to be treated. A good way is to use a biodegradable or, a container enabled for compost for dogs. Otherwise, you must throw them into the reject container.
  • In which container is cat litter thrown?: as in the case of dog excrement, it must go to the rejection container.
  • In which container is the albal paper thrown: both the aluminum foil and the plastic wrap go to the yellow container.
  • In which container is a frying pan thrown: it has metals such as stainless steel that can be recyclable, that is why you should leave them at the clean point so that they can be reused with scrap metal.
  • In which container are the CDs thrown?Although in some cities they have special containers for CDs, it is not yet very widespread. That is why the way to recycle them is by leaving them at the closest clean point.
  • In which container is the eva rubber thrown: to the reject container.
  • In which container are diapers thrown away: they must be thrown into the reject container.
  • In which container the aerosols are thrown: they are thrown in the yellow container.
  • In which container the keys are thrown: they must go to the metal container of the clean point.

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