What is green economics?

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The term ecological economy It may seem a bit complex to us, but perhaps it is much better understood if we define it in a simple way, simply as a science that deals with economic management that favors sustainability.

You don't have to be a lynx to realize the problem of applying sustainability values in practice. At the moment we realize that carrying out this theoretical idea would require a host of small and large changes in today's world.

A sustainable life

The model from developing What this new science proposes is none other than the viability of a world that respects the environment, governed by an economy that not only values economic benefits but also the safeguarding of animal and plant species, as well as an environmental balance.

Far from a liberal style In management, the market must respect natural resources, as well as life in general: water, air, animals and plants, in this way, cannot be trampled on, massacred, unlike what is happening now.

Within the serious problem posed by the prevailing situation, the ecological economy fights for Climate Justice, with which it is intended to protect the poorest population on the planet from the consequences caused by pollution in the broad sense, since it is considered tremendously damaged .

Environmental excessesIn this way, they would be directly related to social inequalities, which implies that the achievement of a better world, more egalitarian and respectful of the other, is also pursued. Utopian or not, it cannot be denied that its principles dignify the human race.


In addition, transformations They should be done at almost all levels, since we find ourselves surrounded on all sides by a society that exploits natural resources with great lightness, to the point of genuine plunder.

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